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U.S. GDP Increases 3.2% in 4th Quarter

Ever since the government shutdown occurred in October last year, economists and consumers alike have been worried about the future state of the United States economy. Thanks to the latest reports from the Commerce Department, however, those fears should be allayed. During the 4th quarter last year, the GDP of the US rose 3.2%. While this figure is down from …

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Janet Yellen Confirmed as Next Federal Reserve Chair

Yesterday, the Senate voted 56-26 to usher in Janet Yellen as the next Chair of the Federal Reserve. Yellen’s acceptance came as no surprise, especially seeing as she was easily approved by the Senate Banking Committee in November. Yellen is the first woman to ever head the Federal Reserve and is expected to continue the country on the path it …

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Stock Market Dips Drastically After Wednesday’s High

On Wednesday, September 18, the Dow set an all-time high at closing, as did the S&P. The boom came shortly after the Federal Reserve announced that it would continue its economic stimulus program. However, the investment-high did not last long. The stock saw itself losing all of its gains from Wednesday on Thursday and Friday. Economic pundits believe the dip …

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