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Connecticut Dropout Makes Bizarre Bomb Threat Hoax

For one Milford, Conn. dropout, the attempt to avoid facing the music went horribly, horribly wrong. Danielle Shea of Quincy, Mass. had a secret that she’d been keeping: She had dropped out of college and would not be graduating with her class. Apparently she was too ashamed to admit this to her family. That and the fact that she pocked …

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Harvard University Reopens Evacuated Buildings Following Bomb Threat

Early Monday morning around 8:40 a.m., Harvard University evacuated three to four buildings after an email was sent to the police department that “explosives may have been hidden in the three academic buildings — the Harvard Science Center, Sever Hall and Emerson Hall — and a freshman dormitory, Thayer Hall.” The school reopened the doors earlier in the afternoon after …

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Arias: Bomb Threat Delays Sentencing

On Wednesday afternoon, Jodi Arias was found guilty by a jury of murdering her former boyfriend. She was found to have murdered Travis Alexander, stabbing him nearly 30 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him in the head with a gun before leaving his body in his shower. Her story of self-defense from domestic abuse did not convince the jury. …

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Airport Dynamite Joke Blows Up in Man’s Face

According to an Associated Press report, 63-year-old Alejandro Hurtado’s off-hand remark at an airport this week caused the partial evacuation of a concourse at Miami International Airport. According to the report, Hurtado, a doctor from Guatemala, joked, “dynamite” when asked by a TACA Airlines ticket agent the standard question of if his bags contained any hazardous materials. According to a …

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Teen Charged In Internet Bomb Threat Case

A 16-year old North Carolina teen has been indicted by federal prosecutors on three counts for his role in making false bomb threats via the Internet to Purdue University and a number of other colleges and high schools around the country.

The FBI arrested Ashton Lundeby, at his home in Oxford, North Carolina on March 6, 2009 and he has been detained and remains in federal custody.

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