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Boing Boing Blackout: “SOPA Would Kill Us Forever” Boing Boing Blackout: “SOPA Would Kill Us Forever”

Popular blog boingboing.net joined the SOPA Blackout at Midnight on Wednesday with a 503 error that reads: Boing Boing is offline today, because the US Senate is considering legislation that would certainly kill us forever. The legislation is called the …

Despite SOPA Delay, Boing Boing & Raspberry Pi Join Blackout Protest

The White House may have denounced the current incarnation of SOPA and the Congressional goon squad who fathered SOPA may have delayed the bill’s passage in order to address “concerns,” but websites still wanted to remind everybody: they no likes …

Boing Boing New New Look Look

The people behind the Boing Boing blog have updated the layout of the site, featuring more prominent positioning for rich media advertising.

Boing Boing Goes Bye-Bye In Boston

Government censorship rarely makes people happy, and in Boston, residents got the chance to prove this when Boing Boing, the “directory of wonderful things,” appeared to be banned from the New England city’s free WiFi network.  Yet new evidence indicates that the city of Boston had little, if anything, to do with the ban.

Boing Boing & Slashdot On Flickr’s Patent Attempt

Boing Boing: Flickr files a patent for “interestingness” Well a few weeks back I posted on Yahoo’s attempt to patent interestingness after reading a notice on the patent at Bill Slawksi’s excellent blog SEO by the Sea. And yesterday both Boing Boing and Slashdot picked up on the story as well.

Halliburton Bounces Boing Boing

Content filters, the scourge of office Internet goof-offs everywhere, claimed a very high-profile victim by blocking people behind those filters from visiting the most-heavily trafficked blog on the Internet.