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Lolo Jones: Can She Pull It Off?

Now that Lolo Jones has succeeded in getting herself a spot as a brakeman on this season’s US Women’s bobsled team, the question becomes, will she be able to hang on to it? The spot means that she is eligible to make the Sochi team in February, but for one reason or another, bobsled politics are notoriously controversial, according to …

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Lolo Jones Makes U.S. Bobsled National Team

You may recognize the name Lolo Jones from her days as an Olympic track star. But now, the popular athlete, is officially one of nine females to make the U.S. Bobsled National Team. The qualification means that she has a good shot at making the U.S. Olympic team for the games in Sochi, Russia this winter. We’ve witnessed many a …

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Lolo Jones To Become Bobsled Champion

It’s not unusual for athletes to excel in one sport and then transfer their energies to either learn another sport or diversify themselves within the originating sport. After becoming the name in basketball, Michael Jordan moved onto baseball for a period of time. Michael Phelps competed in multiple swimming competitions. So, the recent career switch for the talented Lolo Jones …

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