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Arkansas Razorbacks Football Looks To Twitter For Trend Help

After the well-publicized Bobby Petrino debacle the Arkansas Razorbacks football team had to deal with, it’s understandable if the athletic department does whatever it can to improve the buzz surrounding the program, even if it means putting Twitter hashtags on …

Jessica Dorrell: Phone Records Indicate She was Heavily Involved with Petrino
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We reported to you earlier that Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino hired Jessica Dorrell, his mistress, as the Student Athlete Development Coordinator four days before the motorcycle accident that revealed their relationship. Petrino was fired and has shamed his wife …

Bobby Petrino On Leave After Admitting Affair With 25-Year Old
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Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino was put on leave yesterday after disclosing an “inappropriate relationship” with co-worker Jessica Dorrell. The admission came after the coach was in a motorcycle accident with Dorrell as his passenger and lied to administrators about …