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Gaviota Pier Knocked Down by Waves

Surf’s up, but now the pier is down. California surfers have been enjoying the high waves near the state beach’s Gaviota Pier, but according to the Santa Maria Times, it is now unavailable to visitors who fish and launch boats …

Boating Accident: 1 Body Found, Search Continues
· 19

A deadly boating accident on Utah’s Lake Powell last week led to a recovery team searching through the weekend for the bodies of two victims, and one was found late on Sunday night. The Jackman family were out in their …

Lake Powell Accident: 1 Dead, 2 Missing After Boat Crash
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A lake on the border of Utah and Arizona is the site of a search today after a motorboat and houseboat crashed into one another on Thursday. Authorities say one woman was killed in the crash and two other women …