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GOOG-411 Advertised By Billboard

Google is one of the last companies you might expect to buy a billboard, and Olean, New York, is one of the last places you might expect a tech company to advertise.  Nonetheless, Google’s put an ad up in Oleans, and it’s for an out-of-the-way product: GOOG-411.

Yahoo Local Swamped With Mapspam?

As time goes by, we’re more and more likely to turn to online resources instead of paper phonebooks.  The reliability of those resources has come into question, however, after the discovery of some florist-related mapspam on Yahoo Local.

Best Buy’s Bait-and-Switch-Plus Plan Earns Lawsuit
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Best Buy has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do about the company’s in-store look-alike Websites with different prices than what the customers found online. The company will have the opportunity to defend itself in a lawsuit filed by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

MySpace To Send Sex Offender Info To Cops

MySpace will be feeding information on sexual predators using the social networking site to all 50 states’ Attorneys General. 

Keep It Simple, Sergey – Mobile Local Search

As we have suggested before, Mobile Local Search will be the biggest Internet application in use and in cash spin-offs.