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Malaysia Airlines Search Dives Deep With Robotics

“It is time to go underwater.” Since March 8 when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished with 239 people on board, investigators have been looking desperately for clues ranging from surface debris to transmissions which were thought to come from one or both of the black boxes on the international passenger flight. Those pings have since stopped. 38 days after the …

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Malaysia Airlines: Underwater Search Is On

The deep-sea underwater hunt has begun for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Retired Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, who is the head of the huge search effort, told reporters in Perth, that a crew is preparing to launch the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, U.S. Navy Bluefin-21, “as soon as possible.” Since there were no “ping” signals heard since last Tuesday, officials …

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Malaysia Airlines Wreckage to be Surveyed Underwater

On April 5, the international search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had its biggest discovery to date – a ping from below the ocean’s surface. The ping was discovered by the Ocean Shield, an Australian navy ship towing a US Navy ping locator. Three days after the first two initial pings were discovered, two more pings were heard, …

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