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BlogWorld Expo: Both Sides Of The Pro Blogging Coin

Perhaps you’re part of an organization that needs to hire a blogger.  Or perhaps you’re an unattached blogger who wants to connect with a real corporation.  Either way, speakers at the BlogWorld Expo covered important basics during a session called "How To Hire A Professional Blogger For Your Business."

BlogWorld Expo: Keynote Luncheon with Rubel and Kawasaki

BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the keynote luncheon at the BlogWorld Expo, where star bloggers Steve Rubel and Guy Kawasaki spoke with one another on a variety of topics from Yahoo to Mahalo.

BlogWorld: How To Build You, Inc.

I just arrived at Blogworld Expo and am getting ready for a weekend of great bonding with more than a thousand fellow bloggers as well as two great sessions that I am looking forward to. My first is on a panel moderated by my friend Kelly Feller from Intel all about social media case studies from the real world.

BlogWorld Expo: How to Seduce Your Tribe and Create Raving Fans
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WebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson attended the BlogWorld session entitled " How to Seduce Your Tribe and Create Raving Fans ". The gist of this session from what I gather is about how new media and social media account for the biggest change in the worlds of both business and politics.

BlogWorld: Dave Taylor Explains How We Got Here

The answer to the question “Where are we going?” has never been so uncertain. That’s probably not true, what I just said—likely every generation walks that line of dread. Our generation, if we were to follow Dave Taylor, would end up where he did eventually—at some future crossroads equally uncertain—but we’d surely arrive there by different roads.

BlogWorld Expo – CLIQ Unites Bloggers

Bloggers can now extend their reach and engage their audiences by teaming up with other blogs they like.

Blogworld: PR Dos & Don’ts

Lead by Sue Bohle – a few friends on the panel, including Brian Solis and John Earnhardt of Cisco. Eastman Kodak, SAP, PRWeb and BlogAds were also part of the panel.

BlogWorld Expo – Blogging Ethics

Amy Gahran ran her panel at the Blog World Expo on Ethics – with a cool group of people, including friends Lynne Johnson of Fast Company and Toby Bloomberg.