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The Pope Urges Priests To Get On The Blogosphere

Pope Benedict XVI has been the Holy See for almost five years, and during that time, he (and the Catholic church along with him) has become more and more involved in social media. Last year, he launched a YouTube channel, social media outreach initiative, and apps for Facebook and the iPhone.

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Has Target Learned its Lesson?

Last week I watched the blog storm surrounding Target’s decision not to talk to a blogger, because it only focused on traditional media outlets.

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Immediate PR Response in the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is an odd thing, with a lot of influence. You post one thing, it gets picked up by another blog, and soon it spreads. Then, any where from a month to a few weeks later, the mainstream press picks up on something and runs with it.

Many companies still do not realize that there is a lot of potential to get hurt by things posted, and that you ignore the blogosphere at your own peril.

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