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Associated Blogosphere Seeds Begin To Sprout
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I’ve been trying to coin phrases since I started this gig in 2005—fraugs (fraud blogs), googlings (Google nuts), spitter (Twitter spammer) etc.—and not a one has stuck except “hamsterbating,” which I didn’t actually create but was credited for in an online dictionary.

Wall Street Journal Gives Employees Social Media Rules
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We’ve seen newspaper publishers forbid employees from accessing social networks before. The Wall Street Journal is not restricting access, but they are restricting how social networks are used by their employees.

Google Latitude Badge Launched for Blogger
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Google has released the Public Location Badge, which allows users to publish geographic information to their blog automatically whenever they go somewhere. The badge is powered by Google Latitude.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Latitude, it is a feature of Google Maps that when enabled, shows your friends your current location wherever you are if you have given it permission to do so.

Bloggers Replacing the AP?
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Yes, the AP (Associated Press) is desperate. Yes, the AP has lost control of the news. And yes, bloggers are more and more going local with their focus. That leads to an obvious question, will bloggers eventually replace the AP and other news organizations?

What Separates a Blogger from a Journalist?
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The New York Times is running an article looking at "hyperlocal" web sites as replacements to traditional newspapers. The catalyst for the concept is obviously the fact that some newspapers have been dying off, at least in print form.

Getting More Blog Readers and Twitter Followers
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Of people who both blog and tweet, the majority would overwhelmingly prefer to have more blog readers than followers on Twitter. This is according to surveys conducted by Darren Rowse who runs ProBlogger and TwiTip.

FTC to Regulate Blogs and Social Media?
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The Federal Trade Commission plans to begin regulating blogs and social media. While they’re getting tougher on results-based advertising, they are also looking at going after blogs and social media users who portray products they’re promoting in a less than accurate light. AdAge explains:

Boss-Bashing 2.0
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It’s a lot easier to embarrass one’s boss than it used to be. You can thank the now dreaded internal leak for that. What was once reserved for water cooler gripe sessions, collective bargaining and, if things went really sour, lawsuits and national media coverage is now instantly public and brutally humiliating.

Big Publishers Want Special Treatment from Google
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Update: In an interesting turn to this story, the New York Times has eliminated 993,000 article pages as it rolls International Herald Tribune (IHT) into the NYT site. Instead of redirecting the articles to the same article on NYT, they all simply go now to one landing page.

Google Updates Blog Search Algorithm
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Google has updated its Blog Search algorithm after postponing the update earlier in the month. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable quotes Googler Jeremy Hylton who explains:

Pingdom Names Most Reliable Blogging Services
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Running a blog can be a big nuisance; you’ve got keep up with current events, write posts, and monitor comments on at least a daily basis.  But new Pingdom statistics should lighten the load by helping people make sure their blogs remain accessible.

Social Sites Surpass Email Usage
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Social networking and blogging have become more popular than sending email, according to a new report from Nielsen.

More than two-thirds (67%) of the global online population now goes online to visit social networks and blogs.

"Social networking has become a fundamental part of the global online experience," says John Burbank, CEO of Nielsen Online.

Rocky Mountain News Dead
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A newly elected US Representative out of Colorado has given himself and hometown bloggers credit for killing local newspaper Rocky Mountain News, which stopped its presses last Friday.

Rep. Jared Polis (CO-D) likely stunned the Netroots Nation in Your Neighborhood event with this quip:

‘Print Is Dead’ – Not According To This Study

Last week was a rough one for the newspaper industry.

Facebook Opens Corporate Blog To Comments
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Yesterday, Facebook held a press conference call, put out a press release, and published a blog post as it gave users a voice in the recasting of the site’s terms of use.  Today, although there hasn’t been quite as much noise, the social network found another way to demonstrate that it’s interested in people’s opinions. 

Facebook Makes Staying Updated Easier
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Facebook has launched a page where posts from its employees’ blogs are aggregated. This will include not only blogs themselves, but posts from Facebook Notes made by employees as well.

Twitter, Blogosphere Destroyer

Is Twitter Killing Blogs and Blogging? was the question posed by Mark Evans.

My sense is Twitter is emerging as a vibrant alternative to bloggers and blog readers. Some bloggers who may find the grind of writing daily are now able to share their thoughts in quick bursts on Twitter, and still feel like they are contributing and cultivating their digital brands.

Company Blogs Most Valued Social Media Tool
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Among all the social media tools that are available to companies, blogs top the list when it comes to lead generation according to a new survey from HubSpot.

The survey "The State of Inbound Marketing" asked 167 executives and business owners about their marketing strategies.

Chrysler Shows How Not To Do PR
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Chrysler didn’t want to appear ungrateful to the American taxpayers, so CEO Bob Nardelli took out full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today to thank them for putting up their money instead of well-heeled Cerberus putting up its own. Reposting the expensive thank-you note on the company blog showed, however, America hates huge wastes of money more than it hates ingratitude.

Fake Steve Jobs Rips Apple’s Media ‘Lapdogs’

First Ann Coulter, now Newsweek’s Dan Lyons, otherwise known as Fake Steve Jobs. The former cried banishment from NBC before clawing her way back onto the Today show. The latter confirmed to WebProNews he was banned from CNBC after a fiery tirade against Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman for getting “bullied,” “played and punked” by Apple about CEO Steve Jobs’ health.

“It’s true I’m banned,” Lyons said via email.

Top Blogs’ Favorite Platforms Identified
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Whether a given blogger takes pride in being a weirdo or feels safer as part of a crowd, a new report will help him (or her) sort out exactly where he (or she) stands.  Pingdom staffers took a close look at which platforms are most common among the most popular blogs.