BluePulse on How to Compete with Facebook & MySpace

BluePulse on How to Compete with Facebook & MySpace

By Robert Scoble October 24, 2007

BluePulse released a bunch of new features for its social network.

But why is this social network gaining millions of users when Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc are out there already and are very entrenched?

Because they focused on a smaller niche. Their social network is ONLY for mobile phones.

I love this company and its service.

BlogPulse Live Launches

BlogPulse Live is a graphical real-time view of the most popular topics bloggers are posting about across several broad categories –

A Day of Acquisitions

Well, today is a busy one in both PR and PR measurement.

Nielsen Teams Up With Intelliseek

The blogosphere just got a lot of credit in the media business. The company best known for measurement of television ratings, Nielsen has paired up with consumer-generated-media analytics firm Intelliseek to form Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

It’s Not About SEO – It’s About PR

Tom Foremski has an interesting post today – Foremski has always had good ideas, as one of the key people in the Financial Times office – but he wonders why PR is growing, while the media universe keeps shrinking.

Finding a Path to Blog PR Bliss

Like Scoble, lately I have been getting a lot of please “link to me” emails.

A Worthwhile Year-end List

One of the things I’ve always loathed about the end of a year is the flood of year-end lists that seems to be a requirement to mark another passage of the Earth around the sun.

Mind The Conversation Gap

Over the past several months I have travelled around the country, meeting with senior marketers at some of the biggest global companies on the planet.

Hurricane Katrina Drives Traffic to Blogs & News Search Engines

Hurricane Katrina made landfall at Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, at approximately 7:10 a.m. EDT on Aug. 29, 2005.

Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct

You may have noticed there’s a big space race going on to build the best blog search engine.

Microsoft Most Written About; Google and Apple Most Read About

A recent report from ZDNet News outlines an interesting discovery. Though Microsoft gets up to 7 times more press than rivals Google and Apple Computers, more people read about the latter pair.

BlogPulse.com Gets Upgraded

Intelliseek’s BlogPulse.com search engine offers a look inside the activity of various blogs on the Internet.

Russell Beattie Hates Me

Well, not me specifically, but PR bloggers and PR people. For someone that laments and strikes out at the PR / marcom industry bloggers, he has done a little bit of work in the industry. Personally, I didn’t know IBM had a media relations office in Boca Raton. That must have been a cool job.

Do You Have Your Finger On the BlogPulse?

Have you ever come around the corner to find people in a conversation that abruptly ends upon your arrival? You know they were talking about something, but you’re not sure what. The blogosphere can be like that too, but a new feature may help you discover what everybody’s talking about.

Robert Scoble More Famous Than Steve Ballmer?

Very interesting. On Google I’m the #1 “robert.” But on MSN, I’m #43. On Yahoo I’m #7.

Tips and tricks for corporate blogging

The cover story about blogs in last week’s Business Week (magazine cover date today, 2 May) has been widely commented on in blogs around the world.

Most Abandoned Blogs Probably Freebies

Among the 10 million blogs tracked by BlogPulse, Intelliseek reports that 31% are active within the last 30 days …