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ESPN Fears The Blogosphere
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The Worldwide Leader in Sports may be as soft as Chuck Liddell’s jaw when it comes to acknowledging other outlets for sports commentary exist online.

Web 2.0: Traditional Media vs. Blogosphere News
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Since receiving news from online sources is becoming increasingly popular, traditional media forms may have a challenge on their hands.

Blog Growth Stalling or Taking a Breather?
Business Week has pushed Technorati’s David Sifry to share more information about the state of the blogosphere and discovered that the future’s not quite as bright as we all thought.

Will Blogosphere Force Amazon to Withdraw Lawsuit?
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been caught saying one thing and doing another. According to ZDNet, while Bezos was chatting at the Web 2.0 conference and promoting his company’s S3 hosting service to the crowd, he was quietly suing the pants off of Alexaholic.

‘State Of The Blogosphere’ Is Small, Fractured?

Once a year, Conan O’Brien gives a “State of the Show Address” address, and for a certain audience, it’s great – but not everyone cares about this late-night comedian’s realm.  As Dave Sifry gave a “State of the Live Web Address,” as opposed to a “State of the Blogosphere,” some onlookers feel he’s addressing a similar problem.

The Blogosphere’s Alive, And Turning Japanese

The blogosphere has evolved into a living, breathing organism; the interrelated parts stemming from its bloggadocious heart have branched to include tags, vlogs, and podcasts. It even has its own virus – the splog. This evolution spurred Technorati’s Dave Sifry to redefine it as the "Live Web," growing not as fast as it was, but growing nonetheless.

Blogosphere Responds To Death Threats
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A tidal wave of shock has swelled across the blogosphere at large in response to publicized death threats targeting well-known blogger Kathy Sierra.

An Internet Crook Is ‘Sorry’

Michael Crook, along with the rest of us, learned some valuable lessons. The biggest lesson we all learned (Crook much, much more acutely), is that you don’t screw with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF eff’d him up good.

The Blogosphere On Google Apps Premier

There is plenty of buzz in the blogosphere concerning Google’s debut of Google Apps Premier Edition. Scanning the blogosphere I found a number of interesting views on Google’s latest venture.

Bill Marriott Enters The Blogosphere

What do you do when you run one of the most-recognized hotel chains on planet Earth, and learn there’s a better way to connect with customers and employees?

Edelman and Microsoft Laptop Kerfuffle in PR Week

PR Week UK has a full-page feature on page 18 of this week’s edition (Jan 12 cover date) about the Edelman/Microsoft Vista blogger relations kerfuffle entitled “Are freebies a blogosphere taboo?”

Search Ads: Big Buys Last Month

Interesting Netratings data on ClickZ for the month of December 2006.

Adsense and Blogs
· 1

I love it when the blogosphere gets worked up and makes generalizations from one piece of data.

New Amazon Site A Shoe – In ?

Amazon.com has launched a new Web site that will focus solely on shoes and handbags. The name of the site is Endless.com and will offer 250 brands and 15,000 styles. The site also boasts that it will offer free overnight shipping on all items. It will be interesting to see if the overnight free shipping will remain permanent or if it is just an initial promotional tool.

Google Gets a Raw Deal From Blogosphere?

A firestorm of negativity has surrounded Google in recent weeks concerning the company’s practice of advertising its own services as “tips” in SERP pages queried by users. At least for today, the company has put that practice on hold.

The Top Linked-To Blog Posts In 2006
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Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s news analysis mockup, “The Colbert Report,” had a big year on the Internet. In addition to orchestrating a “wikiality” check for Wikipedia, Colbert attracted the second most number of links to a blog covering the White House correspondents’ dinner.

The Blogosphere’s Peak

Research firm Gartner has predicted that the growth of the blogosphere will peak at about 100 million by the mid-point of 2007.

Fiction To Fact: Joke Site Just A Mana-tease?

After Conan O’Brian adlibbed a fictional website just to make a joke, the late night talk show host reported back the next night that NBC’s legal department contacted him saying the network was required to own it.

The Politics of the Blogosphere

Candidates for political office often run advertisements that portray opponents in a damaging light. Likewise, bloggers are beginning to take an increasing amount of liberty in their negative portrayal of certain individuals who are viewed as influential throughout the blogosphere.

Blogosphere Cracks 57 Million Mark

Technorati’s blog tracking system has found 100,000 blogs were created each day in the third quarter of 2006, and 55 percent of all blogs were active enough to have been updated with a new post at least once every three months.

The Blogosphere

For those of us that reside primarily in geekdom, the state of any major technology, especially of the online variety, is big news.

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