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More Subscription Choices

There’s no doubt that subscribing to someone’s blog or website via RSS in order to automatically receive their content each time their site is updated is a convenient way to stay on top of the latest information.

How to Track Your Group’s Attention Data

Here’s a neat idea I just discovered. If you’re willing to move all your blog/news RSS feeds into a single aggregate feed, you can track your or your group’s or even your company’s attention metadata.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

Frankly Speaking About RSS Readers

Frank Gruber, the mind behind the Somewhat Frank blog, subjected nine web-based RSS feed readers to a comparison and blogged about the best on TechCrunch.

Opera Fixes Bloglines Bug

Opera has done a minor release, going from 8.51 to 8.52. They fixed some minor security and performance issues, and one thing that was near and dear to me: Bloglines.

A Lesson How to Get Blog Links

If you want to build links to your blog, take a look at Jackwhisper’s latest post, titled “5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years.

Bloglines Talks Growth And Pirates

Mark Fletcher, Bloglines founder, has been a part of the Ask Jeeves family since February. The service has seen growth, its attendant pains, and a makeover for the downtime plumber.

Web 2.0 Online Woes Persist

Typepad seems to have overcome its recent 18-hour outage and RSS reader site Bloglines has a datacenter migration planned; but recent Yahoo acquisition of social bookmarking site del.icio.us now has the “Closed” sign posted.

A New RSS Reader Hits Town

There’s a new web-based RSS reader in town. It’s called inform. What differentiates inform from others is that you can easily dig deeper into any news story by drilling into its relevant topics, people, places, industries and organizations.

How Long Is That Tail Again?

Jim Lanzone from Ask Jeeves gave some interesting data about feed subscribers at this week’s Web 2.0 conference.

Google News Now With RSS, Atom Feeds!

It took a while for Google to make feeds available from its well-known news aggregator page.

Searching the Blogosphere -SES

Nobody really saw the blog coming back in 2003, when Blogline’s Mark Fletcher had a couple of hundred blog bookmarks and was frantically looking for a better way to deal with information overload. And certainly, nobody realized the blogosphere would be a firebomb, doubling in size every 5 months for 2 years. Foreseeable or not, the information in these blogs, as our own Mike McDonald put it, “takes targeted marketing to a place its never been before.”

Big Media, It’s Time to Go All Blog

Big media – particularly online media – are in a race against time. While their brands remain venerable, their readership and revenue base are eroding.

The New Way to Get Your Product Noticed?

Scott Isaacs pumps up my ego. But, he’s wrong. Getting on an A-list blogger might have been good enough two years ago to generate some buzz.

Technorati Versus Bloglines

So, back to Berlind’s fact check — then I’m taking off the rest of the day. Let’s look. Bloglines wins: 8 times compared to Technorati’s 5 wins, so overall Bloglines wins the link contest. Ties: 1 …

Bloglines Citations Is The Best Way To Track Blog Posts

I’ve gotta say, Bloglines Citations is — by far — the best way to see what bloggers are saying about a specific post or web site.

FreeNews is a Winner

Over the past several months I have been playing around with mobile RSS readers. These include Newsgator Mobile Edition, Bloglines Mobile and My Yahoo! Mobile.

Bloglines Doubles Search Index

The importance of having a complete index should never be underestimated when it comes to search. All the relevance algorithms in the world don’t mean much if the indexes being searched aren’t the least bit comprehensive.

Quick tip: Reading Feeds On Your Mobile

Just a quick tip about the perfect(?) solution to keep an eye on your RSS feeds while being away from the computer.

FeedDemon Acquisition Gives NewsGator a Complete RSS Offering

The news today from Nick Bradbury, the developer of the FeedDemon desktop RSS aggregator for Windows …

Warning about Checking Gmail RSS on Bloglines

Warning for all G-Mail users who use the RSS feed feature via Bloglines. I just got a bit of a shock when I checked a search feed at Bloglines to find a headline that looked very familiar.