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Final Words on BlogKits & Adsense

Back in January, I wrote a piece on whether the newly-popular Blogkits blog ad network lived up to their claims of outearning Adsense on blogs. My feeling at the time was that they did not even come close, but I was willing to give them more time to prove themselves.

Affiliate Marketers Can Recommend a Site Without a Link

I just read over on Sam Harrelson’s CostPerNews that Jim Kukral will be taking a little bit of a breather on Blogkits.

He will still be running it, but no longer on the payroll of Forge Corporation.

Blogkits – Do They Live Up To Their Claims?

Roughly one month ago, on December 11, I signed up for Jim Kukral’s BlogKits service.

An AdSense Alternative for Bloggers

BlogKits.com has launched with a service that appears to be similar to John Battelle’s FM Publishing, except it focuses on the smaller blog site.

BlogKits Connecting Bloggers with Affiliate Marketers

Forge Corporation just acquired BlogKits a network that connects affiliate marketers with bloggers.