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Fix Your Lousy Company Blog
· 5

Businesspeople possess a unique opportunity to be more than just a cash funnel to their customers. A few steps to improve the company blog can work wonders for customer relations.

Small Business Marketing Unleashed: Blogging For Business
· 2

Mack Collier, owner of The Viral Garden spoke on the subject of blogging for business.

Six Apart Clicks With Adify
· 1

Six Apart CEO Chris Alden and Adify CEO Russ Fradin told WebProNews they plan to bring bloggers and ads together more effectively.

Pirate Bay Opens Uncensored Blogging Service
· 3

Stay on the right side of Swedish laws, and the gleeful operators of The Pirate Bay’s blogging service, Baywords, won’t cave to demands for one’s blog to be taken down.

Twitter Helps Free American Held In Egypt
· 4

A journalism student photographing demonstrations outside a police station in Egypt found himself jailed by police, but he managed to put a word out to his friends on Twitter.

Shyftr Responds To Feed Usage Outcry

Feed reader/sharing service Shyftr tweaked how it uses feed content after several bloggers complained about the practice.

Shyftr May Kill Full RSS Feeds
· 6

The Shyftr service ties feeds and social networking features together in a way that has some prominent bloggers screaming foul.

Death By Blogging, NYT Style
· 26

I’m not sure the last time I saw a New York Times piece that failed to convince, well, anybody. It may be because Matt Richtel made the classic mistake of developing a thesis and sticking to it until he found some evidence. (Academic tip: A good thesis comes after research.)


Blogging 24/7 Not Required For Success

You can’t blame the NYT for its weekend piece entitled "In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop." The article isolates a couple of unfortunate deaths in the blogging community, then selects a handful of juiced-up bloggers to prove it’s theory that blogging can lead to bad health, or even death.

Cuban Blogger Wins Award From Spain
· 1

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, who writes a blog about life in Cuba, has received one of Spain’s major journalism awards, the Ortega and Gasset prize for digital journalism.

Spanish newspaper El Pais, which gives out the award annually, said Sanchez won it for her "shrewdness" in overcoming obstacles for freedom of expression in Cuba, her "vivacious" style and her enthusiasm to join the "global space of citizen journalism."

Global Olympic Blog Project

 This past week in the string of posts about the book coming out, I’ve been stockpiling ideas for "real" blog posts and wanting to write about them more and more. Thankfully now that I launched the Personality Matters blog, I will post most of the updates about the book there and refocus on marketing strategy and insights here. I can’t promise I won’t share the occasional post about the book …

Zimbabwe Bloggers Anxious For Election Results

Bloggers in Zimbabwe have been speaking out about the presidential and parliamentary elections as they wait for results.

Fear rigged results

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and ruling ZANU-PF were virtually tied in parliamentary results released by the electoral commission, 36 hours after polls closed.

Cuba Censors Popular Cuban Blogger

The Cuban government has blocked access to one of the country’s most popular blogs, "Generacion Y."

The blog written by Yoani Sanchez is critical of the Cuban government but remains widely read receiving 1.2 million visitors in February. Readers in Cuba who try to access her blog receive an "error downloading" message.

Rep. Couch Feeling Heat from Ban on Anonymous Web Postings
· 13

WebProNews previously reported how Kentucky State Representative, Tim Couch, proposed a bill that would not allow Kentuckians to comment anonymously on the Internet.

KY Rep. Seeks To Ban Anonymous Blogging
· 15

First rule of politics for incumbents: During an election year, try not to highlight your general uselessness, especially if you share a name with a famous football player, because people will notice.

Second rule of politics for incumbents: If you go to the trouble to introduce a bill, be prepared to defend it until the bitter end, even if you know in your heart it will never pass, not in a million years, unless futility somehow becomes a desired legislative virtue.

Malaysian Bloggers Make Political Run
· 1

Bloggers in Malaysia are having an impact on the political process as the country prepares for elections next month.

Three well-known bloggers, who are opponents of the ruling party that has been in power for fifty years, are running for the first time as candidates on March 8, counting on their online popularity to bring in votes.

CNN Producer Fired For Blogging

CNN has fired television producer Chez Pazienza for blogging without the consent of the network.

Students and Twitter

Ever since teaching 6th graders about blogging, I’ve paid more attention to how social media sites can enhance learning.

Blogging certainly can improve writing skills and at the same time introduce children to ideas that will make them more marketable when they hit the job force (assuming they do).

Sexy Micro-blogging Ensures Twitter Success
· 10

Perhaps it was an eventuality. All roads used to lead to Rome; now all superhighways lead to a crotch-shot. But this development is at least a testament to the power of the Twitter concept: the cybersex crowd has taken it up.

If a message on Twitter is called a "tweet," is a message on boobik called a "tw…" –never mind.

Blog to stay sane in real estate

A soft real estate market affects all parts of the economy. It presents an opportunity for blogs to shine with the information they can present to detail seekers.

Sometimes Search Is Better Than The Cops

One good way to take a bite out of cyber-crime is to report scammers to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and the other search engines. How do you do that? By blogging about the details.

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