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TypePad’s Blogger Bailout For Laid-Off Journalists
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Anil DashTypePad has introduced a "bailout" program for journalists who have been laid off or expect to be.

Bad News Blogging Can Be Good For Business

The truth is controlling everybody else’s message was never really an option, internally or externally. A company’s narrative always was and still is property of that company and can produce literature reinforcing that narrative; the whispers, the rumors, the melodrama belong to employees.

And now they have blogs, Twitter, you name it, and the narrative developing internally is very often at odds with the overarching corporate vision. In the Great Transparency Panic of this new decade, the disparity has been viewed as a bad thing.

Google: We’ll Take The AOL Journals Users
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AOL has recently decided to go for a more open and social approach, not unlike Yahoo. They’ve opened up their homepage to third party content, and are allowing users to update social network profiles right from there as well. 

Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
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Bloggers and other web-based writers do a lot of linking. It’s great for the Blogosphere. In fact it’s really the only reason we have a Blogosphere. How often are our links misleading though? I’m not talking about "paid" or sponsored links that are deceptive and just trying to go after a click. That’s another issue entirely. I’m talking about just the everyday point-of-reference links.

Apple Stock Hit Twice By Bloggers
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One might say the Internet is anything you want it to be—a truth machine or spreader of lies—maybe it’s both. In light of recent events Apple would say it’s the latter. Twice over the past month, a blogger has sunk their stock.

Statistics of Blogging

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere is being released this week, one segment each day.

Discussing Issues On Poverty, Through Blogs

"Remember the poor, it costs nothing" — Josh Billings

Survey Shows How Much People Make in Blogs & Social Media
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Read Write Web conducted a survey with some quite interesting results. They asked 20 bloggers and social media consultants (that they claim to know and trust) what kind of money they make with their blogging gigs. The agreement was for RRW not to disclose their names, and for the bloggers themselves to be honest about their earnings.

“Zack and Miri Make a Porno” Director Blogs for Hulu

Silent Bob SpeaksWhen visiting the Hulu blog today to see if they were up to anything worth writing about, I was greeted by a familiar voice (well, in text form). A voice that I have enjoyed for years through film, and "literature" (he’s got a couple books). A voice from a man who is ironically most famous for being silent.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter, Authority Does.
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Bankaholic is a one-man WordPress blog run by 22-year-old Johns Wu, who just got the deal of a lifetime when he sold it to BankRate for $15 million, proving that blogging dreams really can come true.

The Journey to a $15 Million Blog Sale
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BankaholicAs all WebProNews readers are probably aware by now, Bankaholic, a blog run by 22-year-old Johns Wu was sold to BankRate.com for $15 million, a price some people find shockingly high, but enough to change a man’s life dramatically. We’ve covered this inspirational story extensively since we first learned of it.

Blogger Hits Jackpot with Sweet Deal from Bankrate
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Reports have surfaced that Bankaholic.com, a WordPress blog run by Johns Wu (alone) is selling for $15 million to BankRate. That’s quite a deal for Wu, I’d say. According to paidContent.org, Wu gets $12.4 million up front, with another $2.5 million possible earnout over the next 12 months.

Aerosmith Lead Singer Sues Blogging Imposters
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Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is suing a pair of bloggers who impersonated him online and wrote about "intimate details" of his life including his mother’s death.

Successful Blogger Makes Conan O’Brien and Ellen Show
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BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the keynote delivered by Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV at the BlogWorld Expo. Vaynerchuk talked about how "America is a branded society."

Get Relevant Quotes With Latest Google Labs Project
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The latest project to come from Google Labs is called "In Quotes". Basically what it does is pull quotes from stories linked to from Google News. You can search for a keyword or phrase, and it will find quotes talking about it.

The Blogosphere Is Expanding

Two weeks ago, I gave a class on blogging.

BlogWorld: Dave Taylor Explains How We Got Here

The answer to the question “Where are we going?” has never been so uncertain. That’s probably not true, what I just said—likely every generation walks that line of dread. Our generation, if we were to follow Dave Taylor, would end up where he did eventually—at some future crossroads equally uncertain—but we’d surely arrive there by different roads.

Targeting Conversations, Not The Whole Web
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Rob Crumpler, CEO of online advertising company BuzzLogic, says there’s a strong correlation between campaign effectiveness and blog quality. But quality doesn’t necessarily mean popularity; more likely it has to do with the strength of a blogger’s influence.

Google Looking for A Larger Presence in Asia?
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Google has acquired Korean "blog specialty" company TNC (Tatter and Company). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Blog World Expo Las Vegas


I wonder how many people reading this blog right now work for a company that:

Malaysian Blogs Shaking Things Up
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The New York Times recently claimed that the "year of the political blogger" has arrived. While that might be a true statement, it is certainly not limited to the American political agendas discussed in that article.

The Malaysia Situation

TechDirt has been keeping an eye on what is happening with blogging in Malaysia, and gives a little background: