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Bloggers Vs. Journalists

With the growing popularity of the blogosphere, many people believe it could be a threat for journalists. At the Web 2.0 Expo, WebPronews caught up with Tris Hussey of One by One Media to discuss the growth of this matter. The print media, newspapers primarily, may need to make adjustments to keep up with the current trends.

Blogger “W ackos” Upset By Columnist Rant
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A popular South African columnists not just reduced the blogosphere to a concert hall of air guitar players (which is pretty funny, you got to admit), but placed anonymous blogger "wackos" in a camp with the Virginia Tech shooter – and not so much in the metaphoric sense. 

Don’t Ignore Blogger Outreach

The issue of blogger outreach has been on the minds of several communication-focused bloggers in the last few days. Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, from the Church of the Customer blog, posted an item that advised against blogger outreach of any kind:

O’Reilly Turns Criticism Into Civil Discourse

After the uproar caused by his proposed code of conduct for bloggers, Tim O’Reilly could have let the subject drop into the deep waters of blogospheric controversy, only to be remembered as a cautionary tale, a footnote to the history of the Web.

Bloggers Doubt Proposed Code of Conduct

Blogging was never really a genteel medium. It’s raw, uncensored, no posts barred. Until the chaotic nebula condensed and started emitting death threats, nobody, except lawyers, really had a problem with it.

What Makes the Super Bloggers Great?

I started this article as a congratulatory note to David Armano, but I ended up using to do something I’ve been meaning to for a while, which is highlight some great blogs and talk about why I think they have been so successful, particularly over the last year.


Learning From Leading Edge SEO Bloggers

Here’s a question what are you learning from leading SEO and internet marketing bloggers? Are you hoping one of them drops a thinly veiled, or rather obvious tip that will let you set a “virtual cash machine” on your front lawn? If you are you just might be ignoring the real pearls of wisdom that are right there in the open.

Beal on Blogger’s Code of Conduct

If you’re a long time reader of Marketing Pilgrim, you’ll know my unease with anyone trying to define blogging; who should and shouldn’t blog; and, especially, talk of a “bloggers code of conduct.” So, you can imagine that my Monday morning is not off to a good start, when sipping my coffee I see Tim O’Reilly’s attempt to draft a code of conduct for bloggers.

Google Joins Doubleclick Bidders

As we talked about last week, Doubleclick is for sale and Microsoft was thought to be the leader in the clubhouse to buy the advertising company.

Bloggers Resolve Dispute On CNN
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Before their appearance on CNN this morning, bloggers Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke issued a joint statement responding to issues raised throughout the blogosphere following Sierra’s revelation of death threats against her, as well as the depiction of her image in misogynistic sexual photos.

A Magazine for Bloggers & Podcasters

It’s funny what you can find just spending hours on the Internet. I found this…Blogging & Podcaster magazine.

Leading Bloggers Gather and Share Secrets

Let’s face it folks, blogging is hard work.

While working on an article about the dark side of blogging, I was delighted to see that some really successful bloggers are separating from their keyboards and coming together to share their tips, strategies and encourage one another.

Corporate Bloggers, Rise of the Accidental Spokesperson

In the world of public relations, a spokesperson can sometimes seem like the most important element of any campaign. 

Videos and Page Content

When I first started experimenting with video one of the things I was extremely concerned about was the lack of text on the page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results so far.

Snap Snaps On Bloggers For IntelliTXT Comparison
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When Google slid its new Text Link Ad product under the Pay-Per-Action rug, bloggers who noticed immediately started comparing the in-text advertisements to Snap.com’s content preview bubbles. But Snap.com’s none to happy about being lumped into the same camp as IntelliTXT.

Print Isn’t Dead Just Because Bloggers Say So
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Upon news that 30-year-old magazine InfoWorld was shutting down its print operations and moving online, and that the San Francisco Chronicle is also in trouble, a debate is raging in the blogosphere. The general consensus near Silicon Valley: print is dead.

The ROI of Blogging – Top Stories

Two months ago, Charlene Li of Forrester produced a report on the ROI of blogging by comparing the relative spend on blogs to the spend required for focus group based research. 

Jumping to Conclusions on Google’s PPA

There are lots of bloggers talking about Google’s launch of their Pay-Per-Action (beta) program which is really just adding CPA ad units to Adsense with a name to not associate it with CPA directly.

Before Becoming A-List Bloggers

This is not your typical rags to riches story, but an interesting rant from Jason Calacanis over at calacanis.com about what people did before they hit the A-List in blogging.

A List Bloggers Shouldn’t Throw Stones

There are a number of fatal, hypocritical or naive flaws in almost every attack on paid posts by A list bloggers and it is time to show them their Achilles heel(s).

Are Blog Posts Ever Finished?
Today I came across an interesting post by Joshua Porter of bokardo.com. The post, 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers, as you might expect from the title are some lessons Joshua has learned in his years of blogging. Darren Rowse has a follow up piece, Lessons from the Heart for Would-be Bloggers, at ProBlogger. While I’m not planning on talking in depth about each point there’s a theme running through a few of the points I would like to discuss.

First the 9 points

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