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Woops, Bloggers Give Nissan Too Much Credit

Did you know that Nissan has developed a new kind of paint that can change colors on command? It was news to Nissan, too.

Court: Blogspot Blogger May Remain Anonymous

Mayer Fertig at the Jewish Star on November 2nd reports (my link/ emphasis):

PayPerPost Bloggers Unranked By Google

PageRank zero became the big number for blogs participating in Izea’s PayPerPost program; Google’s move to drop the rankings of those blogs drew a harsh rebuke from Izea’s CEO.

Bloggers Win International Journalism Award

If there was any doubt remaining that bloggers can be considered journalists, consider that lack of faith obliterated. An Egyptian and a Burmese blogger are the first of the blogger-kind to receive the Knight International Journalism Award.

Bloggers vs PR – The Aftermath

Aaron Brazell of Technosailor hosted an incredible and informative roundtable to discuss the state of PR, reporters, and bloggers.

Build Links While Publishing Your Full RSS Feed

Many bloggers have been touting the benefits of publishing your full blog or site’s full RSS feed. In fact, they have been talking about it for a long time. But did you know that most likely even if you are publishing your full RSS feed you are not taking advantages of its link building benefits?

BlogWorld: Building Relationships with Bloggers

Building relationships with bloggers has been the hot topic of the last year, with an emphasis on the last couple of weeks – courtesy of Mr. Chris Anderson.

Will Google Offer PayPerPost Bloggers Amnesty?

Since the first real information came out about Izea’s (PayPerPost) new SocialSpark service, that is in testing but will formerly launch in January my excitement has been a little tempered.

BlogWorld Expo – CLIQ Unites Bloggers

Bloggers can now extend their reach and engage their audiences by teaming up with other blogs they like.

BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers
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WebProNews is in Las Vegas this week at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the session "Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices", the speakers focused on SEO tips for bloggers.

AP Is Dead … Killed By Blogs & Aggregation
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Old media is epitomized by no news source more than the Associated Press. Literally thousands of journalists are employed around the world to bring current event coverage to readers of thousands of newspapers and their online sites.

Yes, Virginia, Bloggers Can Be Journalists
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A recent lawsuit judgment provided evidence for two things: a blogger may qualify as a journalist; and just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to act like one. Advice: being mean is no way to get through court.

AdCenter Tweaks Its Campaign Manager

The campaigns Microsoft advertisers manage through the company’s adCenter system should be easier to handle after a weekend of upgrades.

Where Do Bloggers Live?

When it comes to blogging Austin tops the list with fifteen percent of adults living there who are bloggers according to a new report from Scarborough Research.

New Rules for Breaking News

Part Three of a series discussing blogger relations, "Building a Bridge Between Your Story, Bloggers, and People."

Bloggers are Growing Up

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising that a company can get. It is better than millions of dollars spent on TV ads that few see, or Internet Advertising that people have learned to ignore.

Robert Scoble points out that the PR hacks have been quietly working their way around the personalities of the A and B List bloggers, to get their new shiny app or toy featured on techmeme.

House Passes Law Shielding Bloggers

The House passed the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 on Tuesday, a federal shield bill that would protect reporters from having to divulge their confidential sources in federal court.

Should Comments Be Part of the News?

Along with several other bloggers, I saw a post at Silicon Alley Insider the other day about the New York Times highlighting reader comments on its front page — in this case, underneath a photo of Al Gore after he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Building a Bridge Between Your Story, Bloggers & People
Blogger relations is a popular topic of discussion these days, not just on the blogosphere, but within the HR departments of PR agencies and businesses alike. It’s something new and perceived to require a very different skill set than most PR and communications professionals possess.

Washington Post Helping Bloggers Monetize

More newspapers Web sites are now embracing and partnering with bloggers in an effort to increase readership and revenue.

An Evolution From Journalism To Blogalism

It’s important to remember that what we understand journalism to be now isn’t always what journalism was, not even close, if you take it back to its green beginnings. How it is now, the format and structure of it was born of certain logistical necessities related to print, and later, broadcast; but media is changing, and in a big way, again.

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