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Share Local Info with BackofMyHand

Introducing an exciting new site called enabling you to become a local anywhere.

Blogger Rules Dismissed, Cuz We Say So

People are busy. Email piles up. Probably why some of the prominent bloggers I solicited for a response to a British proposal that somebody regulate these free-wheeling, free-speaking modern yarn-weavers were too late for an earlier article. Shows what a swell, free market of ideas guy I am – and how nicely updatable Internet content is. Here’s a follow-up with those responses from people you know.

Scoble Is The Intel Mystery Blogger

Rohit has revealed that the Intel mystery blogger is none other than Robert Scoble.

Mystery Blogger in Intels Blogger Challenge

So, the secret is out, I was the mystery blogger over on the Intel blogger challenge.

Take A Look Inside Adobe Connect

Someday I’ll get Adobe Blogger John Nack on but here I video Peter Ryce.

Much Anticipated Vista Released to Manufacturing

As Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000.16386 “061101-2205″) is released to manufacturing (RTM) today – a significant milestone for Microsoft and its partners – anticipation is building around that all-important question:

Windows Live Product Upload

Looks like Windows Live Product Upload has silently launched into beta, shame you need to pre-register to access the beta though, check it out: http://productupload.live.com/

Microsoft and Novell Agree!

Well I’m watching the Live Webcast of Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmers announcement now and wow it looks like the partnership between Microsoft and Novell (Linux) as reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, is True!

More Than 100 Million Web Sites On The Internet

Netcraft’s monthly survey of the Internet has revealed that there are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet. In the November 2006 survey Netcraft received responses from 101,435,253 sites, up from 97.9 million sites last month.

Intel Launches Blogger Challenge

Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere.

Amnesty To Press UN On Blogger Rights

A Chinese proposal to force bloggers to register with the government using their real names will be on the minds of United Nations delegates as they discuss various online issues at the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Athens.

Windows Live Barcode launches!

No Windows Live Barcode isn’t a joke. Read below for more info!

Google Releasing New Blogger Version

Google engineers suffered the wrath of bloggers last week when “a significant number of unplanned outages” of the search company’s Blogger blogging platform. Google decided to try the transparency in PR blogging concept at the Blogger Buzz blog (that’s a lot of blogging for one intro, isn’t it?) by apologizing and announcing a new beta version of Blogger.

Racist Blogs Land Google In Hot Water

Google is becoming involved in yet another battle that may test its dedication to “free speech”: an Australian group has accused the company’s Blogger site of hosting what it describes as “racist and neo-Nazi content.” The group has requested that the offensive blogs be removed, but Google hasn’t budged.

Blogger Eats Dogfood, But So What?

Eric Case at Google’s Blogger service struck back at a trio of writers over their remarks on Blogger’s security.

Early Internet Explorer 7 Download!

As you may have already noticed today, neowin have been pointing to what is supposedly the final version of Internet Explorer 7 packaged into a Yahoo Mail Download.

Internet Explorer 7 Released By Yahoo?

Yahoo has posted the finalized version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and made the software available for download today. As of yet, Microsoft has not officially released the web browser to the public.

My Turn At The Top Table

Just after lunch, and just starting the afternoon sessions. Running quite a bit late – try to serve a three-course lunch to so many people in only an hour is the culprit.

The boring blogger visits Google Reader later today

I’m off to see the Google Reader team later today (among others, I have another day packed with interviews, will head over to Salesforce.com’s big shindig in SF in the afternoon).

Scoble In The Blogger’s Lounge

Getting to Robert Scoble is like trying reach something that fell behind the refrigerator; he’s right there, you can see him, but people-shaped obstacles are preventing you from really being in the room with him.

Jail Time for Video Blogger

CNET has full details of the unfolding story of Josh Wolf, a video blogger who is prepard to go to prison instead of turning over some video footage he shot of a protest that turned violent.