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EFF Slaps ABC Over Blogger Harassment

Free speech meets corporate paranoia as the Electronic Frontier Foundation took up the cause of ‘Spocko’, an anonymous blogger who posted audio clips broadcast in San Francisco on ABC Radio to his site.

@media 2007 Web Design Conference

The @media 2007 web site has just been launched, and you can now register to attend:

New Media at CES

Renee Blodget, Silicon Valley PR queen, notes that press rooms and other places were a lot more crowded at CES due to more bloggers.

Google Cuts Ties With Competitors’ Maps

When one company is in competition with another, it usually won’t point consumers towards the competitor’s products. Sure, it happens – some corporations believe that they shine in comparison tests – but it’s fairly rare. The practice just became even more unusual, as Google ceased to promote MapQuest and Yahoo Maps on its main results page.

Paid Blogger Review Service from SponsoredReviews

360 Enterprises, Inc. – the parent of our sponsor Text Link Brokers – is getting ready to launch SponsoredReviews, a marketplace where bloggers can charge a fee for a review and advertisers can search a database of publishers.

Edelman and Microsoft Laptop Kerfuffle in PR Week

PR Week UK has a full-page feature on page 18 of this week’s edition (Jan 12 cover date) about the Edelman/Microsoft Vista blogger relations kerfuffle entitled “Are freebies a blogosphere taboo?”

The Designertopia Conference from Microsoft

Hey have you ever heard of the Microsoft Designertopia Conference?

MySpace Goes French
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Social networking site MySpace will officially launch in France this Thursday. The company has been running a beta site in France. The launch is viewed as a broader move into Europe.

At CES as a Reporter (OK, a Blogger)

This is the year that CES has fully opened the door for bloggers to apply, and then worked with the Blog Business Summit people to “vet” the bloggers to make sure that they had not just started a blog a couple days prior to get a blogger pass.

Custom Domain Names Catch On At Blogger

Google’s Blogger just got a lot more flexible: It will now support custom domain names for your blog. “We’ll continue to host all your content as before, but it will be displayed at your new address,” promises a post at Blogger Help.

Blogger Reaches The Senate

When Republican Senator Mitch McConnell returned to Washington to get to work, he brought along Jon Henke to serve in a position in the US Senate.

Forecast 2007: Destination Google?

2006 marked a year of acquisitions for Google, with JotSpot and YouTube chief among the list of properties absorbed by the undisputed champion of search. So what does 2007 hold in store for the company?

Blogger Finds The Beta Exit

Google’s Blogger service has been running a couple of versions in parallel: the old Blogger they picked up from Pyra Labs, and the new beta built to replace it. The new Blogger has shed its beta tag and is ready for all those people who make blogging a New Year’s resolution.

Leeches Get Mooched, Blogger Sued By Paparazzi

What at its core is a true Hollywood catfight is becoming a test case for the limits of free speech and fair use. As the paparazzi files a copyright infringement lawsuit against the queen of celebrity gossip bloggers, Perez Hilton, a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira, the legal system will get a tawdry exploration of what can and can’t be done with images.

Soapbox Launches Messenger Integration

Today the MSN Soapbox Team have launched a new activity feature that will alow you to watch Soapbox videos on Windows Live Messenger in real-time with your friends.

Odden Interviews Beal

I’ve known Andy Beal via blogging and search marketing conferences for a while now and had the privilege of speaking with him on a SEO Blogger and Reporter panel at the last WebmasterWorld Pubcon in Las Vegas.

Blog Terminology 101

With over 3 million blogs created in the third quarter of 2006 and around 1,000 blogs coming online every day according to Technorati, people might get confused by all the industry buzz words and lingo.

If you’re just looking for some basic blog terminology so you can feel like you’re “part of it,” then read on. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, check back in a few days for more advanced blog terminology.

Microsoft’s Blogger Shindig

Ahh, lots of bloggers got invited to an all-expenses-paid shindig of some kind up at Microsoft. How do I know that? Cause Evan Williams posted such on his Twitter account.

New Blogger Version Feature Complete
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The Blogger Buzz blog has announced that the new version of Blogger is now feature complete.

Google & Yahoo Square Off On Wall St
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Google Finance unrolled a healthy offering of new features today, aimed at positioning the tool as a stronger competitor to the more widely visited Yahoo! Finance website, which offers a wide range of financial resources and services to its users.

Eric Case Talks About Blogger

Ryan Is Hungry has an video interview with Eric Case from Developer Relations and Blogger at Google, with him talking about the growing pains lately of moving Blogger over to the new architecture.