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Sacrificing Top Placing in Blog Awards

A key metric typically used to measure blog popularity is the number of bloglines subscribers or feedburner subscribers. These measures give an idea of the number of subscribers you have to your RSS feed.

In theory, this represents your “subscriber core” and indicates how ’sticky’ your content is.

You might think this blog fares abysmally, according to Text Link Ads “Blog Juice” calculator.

Don’t Ignore Blogger Outreach

The issue of blogger outreach has been on the minds of several communication-focused bloggers in the last few days. Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, from the Church of the Customer blog, posted an item that advised against blogger outreach of any kind:

Goodman Gives Thumbs Up for Blogger Code

When Jimmy Wales and Tim O’Reilly get on the front page of the New York Times… it’s news… to everyone else. There’s been an outpouring of feedback on the proposal for a blogger code of conduct in the wake of rounds of blogger nastiness.

Beal on Blogger’s Code of Conduct

If you’re a long time reader of Marketing Pilgrim, you’ll know my unease with anyone trying to define blogging; who should and shouldn’t blog; and, especially, talk of a “bloggers code of conduct.” So, you can imagine that my Monday morning is not off to a good start, when sipping my coffee I see Tim O’Reilly’s attempt to draft a code of conduct for bloggers.

Blogging Code of Conduct or Not?

Tim O’Reilly just posted the draft of a Blogger’s Code of Conduct that he’s hoping we all adopt. I instantly asked the mob hanging out on Twitter what they thought. Brett Nordquist had this funny thought:

Jailed Blogger Goes Free

We wanted to give you some good news on the continuing saga of jailed blogger Josh Wolf – he’s finally a free man.

Blogger Death Threats
For the past year or two, bloggers have put up with mainstream media articles that suggest we’re nothing but a crazed online lynch mob looking for trouble.

Well, the focus is about to shift somewhat, as it appears those that comment on blogs are starting to wield an unhealthy amount of power. I’m not talking about the average blog commentator – who provides value, even with criticism – I’m talking about the disturbing news that some high-profile bloggers are starting to receive death threats.

Insurance Co: Blogs Are A Liability
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An insurance carrier told a New Jersey law firm that they could not cover the firm’s Web site if they had a blog. The insurance company Chubb saw the blog as a liability and fretted that the content could be viewed as legal advice.

Google Asked To Reveal Blogger Identity
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Another anonymous blogger is in the defamation hot seat after anonymous commentators labeled a local school board member a "bigot," an "anit-Semite," and even "ugly." The target of those words didn’t take kindly to them and is demanding that Google reveal both the identity of the blogger and the commentators.

Unsafe On Blogger: Star Wars, Girlfriends, Drugs

Security firm Fortinet has found a lot of malicious code posted on Google’s Blogger service, with a mass mailer worm directing spam recipients to it in some instances.

Blogger Faceoff – Rand and Lee
I nearly missed mentioning this. Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips does an interesting form of interview where he asks two people the same questions and posts their replies as a sort of “face off”.

Picasa Ups Storage, Features, Blogger Integration

Google has added new features to Picasa Web Albums, its online photo storage service, and increased the storage for free accounts to 1 gigabyte (up from 250 megabytes). New features include easy embed codes for sharing your photos through email, instant messages and websites and being able to search for public photos.

Spotting Blogging Opportunities in an Oversaturated Field

Common sense states that if you’re new to blogging, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to gain an audience if you pick a field that’s not oversaturated with high profile bloggers and thousands of new bloggers writing about the same subject.

March Madness Online: 5 Top Spots

The sports wasteland of February has been brushed away as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament gets under way. Here are some sites that will have you setting up a bracket and getting back to work without costing your employer $75 billion in productivity losses.

Blogger Face-Off

The Daily Blog Tips blog has just released the first of its Blogger Face-Off series. This is where 2 bloggers are asked the same questions and their answers are posted side by side. This week the Daily Blog featured 2 very popular bloggers: Jeremy Shoemaker and Darren Rowse.

Has Blogger Been Hit by an Autogenerating Account Bot?

Over the past few days I’ve been receiving a wave of blog spam from SEO lab – all of it to blogspot accounts – and all built around hyphenated money keywords ending in a seemingly random 2 or 3 alphanumeric characters.

For example:


Microsoft Urges Focus On Vista, Not Vienna

The blogosphere has been buzzing amid reports that Microsoft plans to release a successor to Windows Vista within the next two years. Some insiders predict that Vienna, the codename for the project, is poised for a 2009 release.

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates dropped a bombshell. In an interview with this blogger, he openly discussed the future of the Windows brand and when we could expect to see the next offering in the product line:

Spam Trail Leads Blogger To Defamation Suit

A California blogger becomes one of the latest to be dragged into court after an inflammatory blog post. A brief tale about tracking down a spammer, which also held the accused personal contact information, won Jerry Baker a defamation lawsuit. The case also illustrates the potential pitfalls of Internet research.

Blogger Attempts To

Google’s not doing so well in China; according to some estimates, the market share of its main competitor, Baidu, is 35% larger. Perhaps, then, the company will listen to Isaac Mao, who has given his opinion on how “to save Google in China and save Internet in China.”

Top Web Properties For December 2006

comScore Networks, a digital measuring firm has released a report on the top Web properties for December, ranked by unique visitors and who the biggest gainers were for 2006.

Worldwide Internet usage increased 10 percent from December 2005 to December 2006. In the search category the top three sites that have the largest global audience grew 9 percent. Google the number two site worldwide increased visitors to their site by 13 percent.

Google Leans On “Old” Blogger Users

Some people are creatures of habit; others are just the tiniest bit afraid of new things. Those who use old versions of Google’s Blogger may soon have to embrace some changes, though – Google is going to start, in an entirely non-evil way, forcing them to switch to the new version.

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