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Blogger Breaks Down, Bounces Back

Google’s Blogger is an incredibly popular publishing system, and for about an hour Wednesday morning, it took a break from all its fans.  Just a breather, you know.  Or, in what seems a more likely explanation, Blogger broke.

Google Disappears Facebook Code Blog

When Google-owned Blogger sends you a Digital Millennium Copyright Act take-down notice, at least they’re polite about it and liberally use the word "alleged." But they only ask once, as the person who posted Facebook’s source code on his Blogspot blog learned.

Google Asked by Facebook to Remove Leaked Code Blog

I guarantee that if you submit a DMCA request to Google–the one you use to request copyrighted material is removed–you won’t get the same rapid response Facebook just got.

Do Bloggers Need To Unionize?
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There have always been pro-union people and anti-union people, and you can usually guess who’s what depending on their individual caste. In this case, though it carries with it the same arguments, it will have to be decided first if an industry has emerged from nebulous existence and into a viable, thriving industry.

8 Things You Wished Your Affiliate Manager Had Told You

I’ve been tagged by Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Director Robyn Martin (and soon to be Mrs Kris Jones) in the latest incarnation of the “8 things about me” meme.

Instead of telling you more things beyond what’s already in my bio, I’d like to focus on 8 things I’ve learned about affiliate marketing.

Here are the tag rules:

Here are the tag rules:

Blogger Gets AJAX API/CSE Search Box
Blogger In Draft has a new page element feature, a search box that uses both the Google AJAX Search API and Google’s Custom Search Engine to deliver a great search experience for your blog.

Blogger Adds Search Box Widget
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Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, just added a new widget bloggers can install that lets them search within their blogs.

Feedburner and Blogger

Feedburner, recently acquired by Google, has taken a step for their users using another of Google’s products, Blogger.

Porn Blogger Has To Pay While Others Get Off

We’ll try to get through this with as few inappropriate cracks as possible. The porn star/blogger Barbie Cummings, the one who a little while back opted out of illegal drug charges will still have to pay her speeding ticket.

Blogger In Draft Adds Polls, Enclosures

Google’s Blogger in draft serves as a testing area for new Blogger service features; polls and enclosures have just been added.

Design Flaws in Facebook, Jaiku & Twitter

Oh, how I hate when social networking software tries to be my parent.

Jon Udell touches on this in his post about Facebook
: “how do I know this person?”

See, the developers who make this software really want to make it hard for you to add more friends. And what the hell is up with calling everyone a “friend” anyway.

Sourcing &News Content Blogger Survey

This week Marketwire and the Society for New Communication Research (SNCR) launched a survey to find how bloggers prefer to source and use news content.  As a Senior Fellow of SNCR I am conducting and tabulating the survey.  We will present the findings later in the year at the SNCR Symposium.

Domain Name Monetization

Many Internet Marketers fail to realize that having multiple domain names can be fundamental to your success in marketing your own product or engaged in affiliate marketing. The good news is that with the availability of domain coupon codes and innovative web hosting, you can build a virtual empire easily, even if you’re just starting out.

Let’s look at this scenario:

You’re a new affiliate marketer starting out, and you want to generate some sales. What do you do?

Jarboe at SES Toronto

Speaking of Search Engine Strategies Toronto, did you know that Incisive Media now hosts half-day and full-day training sessions – intensive workshops on special topics to bring you fully up to speed – the day prior to the SES conferences?

Geotargeting for Censorship?

Segregating your traffic by geographical location is a useful thing and is known in the search engine marketing circles as “geotracking”, but you could go one step further and target specific traffic based on geographical location using the cryptic practise known as “geotargeting”. But what happens when it’s used to block access to users based on their geography?

China Chills On Blogger Registration

A surprising turn of events could mean the Chinese government will not require bloggers to provide their real names to a central registry.

Hawaii to Decide if a Blogger is a Journalist

There’s an interesting case, going on in Hawaii, that could have far reaching ramifications for bloggers.

Universal Search & Other Searchology Surprises

When Google yesterday invited a number of reporters to come down to Mountain View for an event they called Searchology, I figured they had something in the works.

I had to turn down the invitation because of other commitments, but we sent Enquiro’s Director of Technology and analytics blogger, Manoj Jasra down in my stead.

Taking a Look Inside MyBlogLog

Lee Odden interviewed MyBlogLog CEO Scott Rafer and got some insights into the blossoming social community site. From the looks of things, there are certainly some interesting developments in store for the young blogging community site.

Blogger “W ackos” Upset By Columnist Rant
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A popular South African columnists not just reduced the blogosphere to a concert hall of air guitar players (which is pretty funny, you got to admit), but placed anonymous blogger "wackos" in a camp with the Virginia Tech shooter – and not so much in the metaphoric sense. 

Blogger Anti-SLAPP Case Angers Munchkin Man

That "Left," the code-named blogger behind StockLemon.com (which is now CitronResearch)doesn’t have many friends in the financial world isn’t what’s important. What is important that Left becomes the first blogger to be protected by Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) laws, at least in California. And The Munchkin Man (to be discussed later) isn’t happy.

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