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(Yawn) Blogger’s Choice Awards Announced

The results of the inaugural Blogger’s Choice Awards are in, and they’re kind of stupid, if I may say so from my high horse, as though the same people picked them that are dumbing down our news, entertainment programming, and well, everything else.

Google Israel Compelled to Expose Blogger

Slav Ben Ari sends in this news bit from his blog – I cannot read Hebrew and can’t confirm this info:

Blogspot Blogger: Google Did Less than Required

In a recent court case against Google, it was decided that a Blogspot blogger from the US may keep her anonymity, considering free speech protection rights.

Court: Blogspot Blogger May Remain Anonymous

Mayer Fertig at the Jewish Star on November 2nd reports (my link/ emphasis):

What’s Interesting In eBusiness & Search?

I subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds in order to keep up with the world we cover here at WebProNews… eBusiness and search. Here are some of the more interesting blog posts and news articles from around the web.

Ted Murphy - Founder/CEO PayPerPost

Blogger Successfully Defends Against Lawsuit

A school board member failed to convince a New York State court that Google should hand over details about anonymous critics on a Blogger-hosted blog.

Blogger Bullied To Remove Avis Logo

U.S. blogger Eric Turkewitz, a lawyer who writes a personal injury blog has been told by car rental company Avis to remove an image of its logo from his blog posting or face charges of trademark infringement.

Facebook Too Swift To Judge Blogger’s Alter Ego

"Jon Swift," a political blogger writing under an assumed name, was booted off of Facebook for using a pseudonym. But a little melodrama goes a long way in the blogosphere, far enough to rally a small angry mob outside the walls of Facebook.

Facebook Too Swift to Judge Blogger's Alter Ego

Blogger Enables Subscribe to Comments Through Email

Just yesterday it seems (okay, to my knowledge it really was yesterday) that the only way to subscribe to comments on a Blogger or Blogspot blog was to click on the link posted at the bottom of all post pages:

Email Notification Comes To Blogger Comments
· 1

After leaving a comment on someone’s blog, you have the option of obsessively revisiting that site to see if any replies are made.  Or, thanks to Blogger’s new email notification system, you can sit back and let the replies come to you.

Google Page Rank’s Been Dead for Quite Some Time

I don’t get bloggers sometimes. They get all huffy about their Page Rank going down as if it’s something that they are entitled to.

Now, normally I’d be front and center on all these ego games but here the real truth is that Page Rank has been dead for years. That’s why I never even looked at it anymore.

Comcast Impersonates China and Gnutella, Too

Some of the uproar last week was regarding Comcast’s blocking of BitTorrent traffic, a move that, by itself raised concerns about the power over content and packets the cable company was usurping. Over the weekend it came to light that Comcast not only blocked BitTorrent, but also Gnutella and Lotus Notes.

7 Ways To Handle An Angry Blogger
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Pulling a lawyer out of your pocket isn’t necessarily the best way to deal with an angry blogger, and businesses should know that. If anything, it makes the blogger’s target look like that much more of a jerk.

Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book
· 1

Siva Vaidhyanathan sees reasons to worry about Google and its goal of organizing the world’s information.

Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger

You can’t help, from a reasonable Internet distance, but like her; she’s sexy, irreverent, and smart, everything you should like and fear in a gal. But she goofed, at least a little, and unfair or not, Nintendo is the latest corporate entity to can an employee for blogging.

Why Your Business Blog Shouldn’t Be On Blogger

Here are just a few reasons why your main business blog should absolutely not be on blogger.com or really any of the free blog sites.

CBS Apologizes To Blogger
· 7

A senior executive at CBS News Corporation has issued an apology to a viewer who complained via email about anchor Katie Couric’s reporting from Iraq and was insulted in CBS’s reply.

CBS Just Can’t Get Along with Bloggers?
· 114

It was bloggers who forced CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather into early retirement, and yet CBS – at least somebody there – is still being condescending towards the new media.

NYT Editor Cuts Blogger As Story Source
· 1

A piece by a New York Times writer drew material from an interview with a blogger who broke the story, but failed to credit him or his blog thanks to an editor’s removal of the reference.

Video Uploading Feature of Blogger
Video uploads to Blogger have left Blogger In Draft and become a feature of the full-fledged Blogger, meaning users of Blogger can now upload video while writing a post.

Forrester Hires Leading Web Strategy Blogger

Forrester Research have just added another strong player to their social media practice with the hiring of notable web strategist blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

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