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The Blogger SEO Burden
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There is no question that blogging can help improve your search engine optimization efforts. Stephan Spencer, Founder & President Netconcepts talked about some of the reasons why in the following video, but he also said he favors some platforms over others for SEO purposes. Namely, he recommends WordPress or b2evolution as opposed to Google-owned Blogger.

Google Adding Geotagging to Blogger
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Google’s Blogger has addd a feature to the new post editor in Blogger in Draft. Blogger in Draft is a special version of Blogger where they try out new features before they release them to everyone. Kind of like Google Labs. With geotagging, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts, like with time stamps.

Google: We’ll Take The AOL Journals Users
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AOL has recently decided to go for a more open and social approach, not unlike Yahoo. They’ve opened up their homepage to third party content, and are allowing users to update social network profiles right from there as well. 

Should You Blog?

According to the 2008 State of the Blogosphere from Technorati, a little more than half the companies in North America do not have a blog.  So that means that just under half do.  Why are they spending their time blogging?

Facebook Connect Plugin for WordPress Glimpsed
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Lately, we’ve been seeing blog platforms making moves to become more social. Movable Type started incorporating the ability to set up social networks apart from the Facebook Connect plugin that is available. Blogger discussed adding new features including integrating Google Friend Connect into it.

Google’s New Blogger Features
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Google’s Blogger is unleashing some new features to make blogs using the platform more social. They will be rolling out these features over the next several weeks.

Blog Day – August 31, 2008

Familiar with BlogDay? I wasn’t either until recently when I saw details on Jeff Pulver’s Blog.

Some details: On August 31st, bloggers are asked to post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

BlogDay posting instructions:

Google’s Blogger Addresses Spam-Labeling Mess
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Google’s worked hard to cultivate a warm and fuzzy image, and by and large, the effort’s succeeded.  Still, the company’s reputation took a little bit of damage when it recently classified some legitimate blogs as spam.

Significant Blogger Updates Being Tested
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It’s not always a good idea to try experimental features; gosh knows enough final products aren’t remotely stable.  But a few new things have been made available within Blogger in Draft, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Blogger Puts Posts On Schedule

Google’s Blogger service opened up a new feature, scheduled posting, to automatically put up an entry at a future time.

Google Analytics For Blogger Introduced
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The good news: some Blogger users will be able to access handy Analytics reports.  The bad news: "some" probably doesn’t include you.  Yes, Google Analytics for Blogger has officially entered private beta.

Blogger’s Product Manager Moves On

Blogger has repeatedly been ranked among Google’s top properties, and now one of the people who got it there is gone.  Blogger’s product manager, Eric Case, spent his last day at Google on Friday.

SEO Celebrities

I am curious if anyone else has noticed a trend over the past year or so where people (I have nobody specific in mind) in the search marketing business seem to increasingly gravitate towards becoming a “SEO celebrity”. It’s a bit like like moths to a flame, really.

Zune Software Download Now Available!
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Hey Everyone, The Zune Software is currently up on Zune.net.

» You can find the software HERE. System Requirements

Blogger Learns Persian, Hebrew, And Arabic

One of the most basic things about reading (or writing) English is the left-to-right motion.  Blogger’s now able to accommodate right-to-left movements, however, and as a result, has become available in Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic.Blogger Learns Persian, Hebrew, And Arabic

Integrating Bidvertiser with FeedBurner, Blogger, WordPress

BidVertiser has recently added the ability to integrate its services with FeedBurner, Blogger and WordPress:

Blogger Goes On The Blink
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Earlier this week, Twitter suffered an outage, and we weren’t too kind about the whole thing.  Fair’s fair, though, and it’s now our duty to report that when Blogger went down yesterday, Twitter may have played an instrumental part in getting it back up.

How Much of a Distraction is Social Media?

In Friday’s post, I admitted the social media can be a waste of time.  I talked about doing some unproductive things online and how, despite that (or even because of that), marketers should be paying a LOT of attention to social media marketing.  But as many of you have commented in the first post, social media is really not a waste o

Saudi Blogger Still In Government Detention

Fouad al-Farhan’s criticism of the Saudi government earned him an investigation by authorities, followed by his detention for questioning.

Google’s Blogger Plagued By Storm Worm

Hundreds of blogs on the Bloggers service have been found to contain links to servers that will infect visitors with the notorious Storm worm.

Facebook Loses Advertisers As Concerns Deepen

Things just keep looking worse for Facebook’s Beacon: Coca-Cola and other advertisers are opting out of the program; there may be legal troubles ahead; and some investigative security work shows that Beacon sends information about user activity even when logged out of Facebook.