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Blogger Updates Captchas

The word verification system used by Blogger to help thwart spammers has been revised to address some problems encountered by users.

What Can A Weblog Lead To?

Okay, so the weblog has yet to reach its full potential, as the majority of folks outside this microcosm we’ve created called cyberspace have a vague, if any, recognition of the medium. But as the blogosphere grows, it will add a targeted reach heretofore never seen. AOL noticed. Publishers are noticing too.

Blogger And Spammers Continue To Battle

Google’s Blogger was targeted heavily by spammers recently, and now the company has created another measure in an attempt to foil them.

Improving Weblog Usability

Website usability guru Jakob Nielsen published his top 10 weblog design mistakes, and the list plus his commentary are interesting reading.

Blogger, We Have a Problem

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer isn’t the only executive Google has moved to cursing. IceRocket’s Mark Cuban has joined the chorus after his search engine results were clogged with spam blog (splog) returns, most of which bore the blogspot.com URL. Cuban says its time for Google to get its [expletive deleted] together, and until that time has blocked blogspot.com from his IceRocket index.

Fake Blogger Disappears In Poof Of Logic

After an emotional weblog post about reaching his estranged father after nearly 30 years, BBC Radio’s Tom Coates received a heartfelt message in the comment thread from one Barry Scott. A long cyber-drive later, Coates learned that commenter Barry Scott didn’t really exist, and this was a tale of bad e-marketing judgment.

Googles Blogger Going To China

Google finally got the Blogger through and now the Chinese will have access to Google’s Blogger. Chinese Googlites will also have access to the cached web pages from Google’s search engine.

Blogger Adds Backlink Tracking

Google’s Blogger.com has added a new feature allowing bloggers to keep a burning ear to the ground to find out who’s been talking about them.

The Week That Was

Insane. That’s probably the best word I can use to describe this week. The second annual Web 2.0 conference has reached its close and while hanging out at the conference …

Blogger Protected By Delaware Supreme Court

Bloggers got a legal vote in their free-speech favor on Wednesday when the Delaware Supreme Court ruled elected officials couldn’t use lawsuits to unmask anonymous bloggers unless they had fairly significant evidence.

Blog Message Boards: A Blog Traffic Builder

Everyone is searching for ways to promote and market their blogs. I’m sure you are no exception.

Blogger Buzzing With AdSense

Google wants to lower the barrier to entry for new bloggers who want to place contextual ads on their blogs.

Google Now Fortified With Blog Search

The search engine finally has a presence dedicated to sifting through the various blogs available online.

SEO tips for blogs hosted on Blogger
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Blogs are the fastest growing class of websites on the internet. No longer the sole domain of teenagers and the love lorn, blogs are now an established form of internet communication.

How to Find a Blogger’s Beat

Technorati has started an effort to catalogue bloggers by topic. This is welcome, but Technorati’s solution so far is not really working that well.

Yahoo! Spain Threatens Blogger Over Piracy How-To

Yahoo! Spain didn’t take too kindly to Spanish blog network Weblogs SL when they posted a third party tip on how to illegally download videos from Yahoo! Launch on their software blog Genbeta. After threat of legal action, the post has since been removed.

Most Companies Have No Employee Blogger Policies

Mega PR firm Edelman and blog portal Intelliseek just released a white paper on companies and the employees that blog them. The study titled, “Talking From The Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers,” takes a candid look at the relationship between employees and their employers and examines the challenges and opportunities this phenomenon presents.

Blogger Filters Out Spam, But No Comprende

The folks at Blogger have been pretty quick to respond to user criticism over the copious amount of spam blogs (splogs) dirtying up the air at blogspot.com by implementing some “artificial intelligence” to weed out the posers. Some more tweaking may be needed however, if you only speak one language.

Google’s Blogger Appears To Be Full of Spam

One of the growing complaints surrounding the blogosphere is the ever-growing threat of blog spam. Blog-spam normally appears in two forms: comment spam and content spam. Comment spam is much like a email spam because it comes from outside sources and tries to trick people into click-thrus.

Google Blogger: More Splog Than Blog?

Phillip of Google Blogoscoped did an unscientific study, in which 30 of 50 random Blogspot blogs were discovered to be spam, a 60% splog rate. I once hit the “Next Blog” button seven times before I could find a real blog.

Blogger Captchas Round Two Versus Comment Spam
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Hot on the heels of enabling the Flag button to tag objectionable content comes an option to require word verification for comments.