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Blogger Hack Endangers Sensitive Word Docs?

Here’s a potential ticking time bomb. To the Microsoft Office team, you have what could be a sizable PR problem on your hands.

Blogger: Clinton Could Be Next Microsoft President

This will be one heck of a scoop for citizen journalism if it turns out to be true:

Ziff-Davis Offers Nifty Blogger Relations Tool

Organizations should be looking for ways to get their content into the hands of bloggers who might want to write about them.

A Google Fashion Lesson

Nobody can say Google doesn’t have a sense of humor. But they might be able to say Google doesn’t have a sense of fashion. At least at the Google Store, they have something for everybody, like

Anatomy of a Corporate Blogger

In an article about the power of blog marketing destinationCRM.com has included this interesting graphic breaking down the anatomy of a corporate blogger.

Blogger Improved BlogThis!

The bookmarklet from Google’s Blogger has been tweaked to add some formatting buttons for easier on-the-page blogging.

Latest Google Trademark Suit Against Blogger

Reuters has an interesting report that Google is being sued for trademark infringement – nothing new there – but this time its for allowing a Blogger to use a trademark on a blog hosted by Google’s Blogspot service.

PR Practitioner of the Future Has Skills of a Blogger

In describing the ideal attributes of a corporate blogger Richard Edelman inadvertently creates a visual picture of tomorrow’s PR professional.

Google Extends Firefox

A couple of new Firefox extensions emerged from Google Labs. The extensions offer Firefox users extra functions when browsing the web. Blogger Web Comments, created by Google software engineer Glen Murphy, lets users see what bloggers are saying about the page being viewed.

Google Launches Blog Comments Firefox Extension

Google has launched a new Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension that shows surfers what bloggers are saying about any page they’re viewing in their browser.

Washington Post, Blogger Cross Swords

Confusion and politics figure in the dust-up between the newspaper, its website, and bloggers who have blasted the paper’s ombudsman and its political editor over their views on a column appearing on the Post’s website.

Blogger Blocked In China
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This whole free-speech thing is really getting under the Chinese government’s skin. Access to Google’s Blogger.com, which was blocked for three years until this past October, appears to have again been blocked by the Communist government, according to InfoWorld.

Pointers (12-13-05)

If you’ve heard about the blow-up between Six Apart’s Mena Trott and a Les Blogs participant, you can actually view a video of the exchange.

Reflecting on Les Blogs 2.0

Worthwhile being there is how I’d sum up my experience of Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris on Monday and Tuesday.

Blogger Hacks Customer Service

ABC News World News Tonight just profiled blogger Paul English and his “Cheat Sheet to Find a Human.” …

Google Starts Click-To-Call Ads

Users who find a green phone icon in the sponsored search results on Google can click on it to call the advertiser, as Google begins testing the pay-per-call advertising method.

SEM Blogger Is Suddenly Interesting

Everybody’s talking about this guy today, so I figured I’d better get on the bandwagon. Search Marketer Chris Zaharius, who runs Efficient Frontier, has a weblog with several nifty quick tips and creative advertising suggestions. The most recent post involves setting up AdWords campaigns that target reputation management, use poetry, or set up an advertising scavenger hunt.

Not So Grumpy Old Bloggers (OK, Some Are)

How often can you be up at 4:30 in the morning to converse with an old man who counts every day, noting the change in the leaves, and reminding you constantly how much he loves you? Probably not so often bordering on never-it’s a benefit that comes with age. We have things to do-lots of them, and as one old blogger has noted, mostly on the weekends.

Blogger Offers Comment Moderation

Another tool to help fight comment spam in blogs hosted by Google’s Blogger service lets bloggers enable comment moderation for their sites.

Libyan Blogger Jailed

Libya sent a political dissident blogger up the river for 18 months after criticizing the government on the Internet. The Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported this as they posted a letter from the blogger’s family requesting the release of the dissident.

Blogger Steve Rubel Has Skin Cancer

This morning, just hours before boarding a plane for Texas, I learned that I have been diagnosed with skin cancer. I am fortunate.