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Technoratis Blogger Tip: Aim For The Middle

Technorati’s Dave Sifry has a word of advice for blogger upstarts: find your niche and aim for “The Magic Middle.” Sifry says there’s a middle ground, where topic specialization, a modest number of inbound links, and a little help from some new features can be enough to climb the ladder of blog success.

Are You An SEO-funded Blogger Shill?

Robert Scoble says that some SEO’s are paying bloggers to do some link juicing.

When is Microsoft Going to Deliver, Blogger Asks

Ralph Poole says he’s sick of Channel 9 and me and asks “when are you going to deliver?”

Blogger Disclosure Practices Tested

If nothing else, this piece in the WSJ underscores the argument that bloggers are not journalists, or as Brian Oberkirch rightly puts it, “personal blogs are not media.”

Beta View of What Start-ups Look like

Click on the image to see the slightly larger (and better in-focus) original on Flickr.

CoComment Gets Half the Job Down

Okay, I track blogs. I always have. It’s not a big deal, it’s part of PR and what I hope to convey to others in the industry and the agency life – that it’s not just enough to be tracking the media, but you need to get your Pubsub / Technorati / Blogpulse on (yes, all three).

Calendaring Heats Up

Steven Sinofsky, check this out! (Steven is the guy who runs the Microsoft Office team and I believe is the highest ranking blogger currently at Microsoft).

Microsoft Revamps Blog Removal Policy

The company announced a new “policy framework” concerning the removal of blogs from its MSN Spaces services when requested to do so by a government.

Blogger Editorial Calendar is Here

If you are like most bloggers, you often discover that finding time to blog can be an issue.

Blogger Outreach by Phone

Op-Ed News is reporting that US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) held a conference call with a group of political bloggers to provide an update on a filibuster he is planning with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) to stall the confirmation of US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Weber Shandwick Hires PR Blogger Jeremy Pepper

Congratulations to Weber Shandwick on hiring PR blogger Jeremy Pepper.

New MSN Spaces and Other Stuff

Nice to see the new MSN Spaces. I’ll ask Maryam what she thinks. Dare Obasanjo (who works on that team) links to the relevant details.

Blogger Junkets Rekindle an Old PR Approach

In the pre-Internet era (I know call me a mastodon), press junkets we’re huge.

Blogger News Network Dumps Google, Cites China

One protest against Google’s decision to offer search in China while agreeing to that government’s censorship led one prominent blog to discard AdSense from its pages.

Thoughts For The Beginning Blogger

One of our clients is starting to charge full-force down the blogging path and asked for some feedback on the posts they were working on.

Blogger Calls For Pre-emptive Strike On BS

BS is an abbreviation for BellSouth, whose chief technical officer Bill Smith told the media his firm has taken the call for multi-tiered Internet connectivity to the big Internet players; Jeff Pulver suggests the online powers-that-be hit BellSouth first, but it won’t happen for one simple reason: money.

The Traveling Blogger

Funny, I was reading the New York Times on the flight from Seattle to Las Vegas (I’m on my way to Philadelphia) and I see my friends DL Byron and Steve Broback are in it talking about blogging on the road.

Dell Blogger (Yes, There Is One) Departs

One of Dell’s few known employee bloggers, Sam Decker, now is fully immersed in the religion.

Blogger, You Are En Fuego

When AdAge’s Media Guy, Simon Dumenco, discussed blogging as efficiently published writing; blogging does have a parallel in another type of traditional media, too.

Video Copyright The Next Big Issue

As online video content becomes even more accessible from both the professional and the amateur ends of the spectrum, copyright issues will continue to plague video providers and creatives.

IE Blogger Clears Tracks and Gathers Comments

The Internet Explorer blog continues to rock and roll.