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Sprint’s Botched Blogger Product Review

When Sprint sent an LG Fusic phone to a blogger in hopes he would write about it and Sprint’s new Power Vision Network, they may have understood the slight possibility he would write a negative review. But they probably didn’t expect 3,100 words (seven pages) about how much he hated both.

Rolling the Blogger Relations Dice

How do you get bloggers to write about your product? asks Dave Taylor.

Amazon Soon To Unbox Video

It wasn’t too long ago that Ad Age reported that big-mouthed television executives let it slip that Amazon was preparing an online video content service, called Amazon Digital Video. A Net detective proves that keeping a secret online is like hiding a ham in your shorts.

Beta Blogger Becoming Better

The migration of users from the old version of Google’s Blogger service to the new beta will happen at an “incremental” pace.

Google Launching A Beta Blogger

A slate of updates to the Blogger platform run by Google provides some new features for bloggers and their readers.

Blogger Unblocked In China

The Chinese government’s ban on Google’s Blogger service has apparently been lifted after four years of unavailability. Chinese Netizens were able to regain access to the service as of last Thursday, according to CIO Magazine.

SES 2006: It’s Hard Out Here For A Blogger

Mike McDonald found himself in a room with a larger A-list than a Nathaniel Hawthorne character sketch. San Jose (or thereabouts) is where the big search engines and their famed bloggers live. The only thing better than this, says Mike, would be Danny Sullivan in lederhosen.

Exbiblio Blog – A Corporate Blogger’s Dream?

It sounds like the dream brief for a corporate blogger – a completely free hand to write anything you want about and for your client on their new public blog.

Helping Bloggers: Donations and Sponsorships

Blog donation buttons are seen all over the blogosphere. No one really knows if those ubquitous click to donate buttons result in any real revenue for the blogger.

French Blogger Fired for Blogging About Boss

A French blogger was sacked (Roland Piquepaille, famous technologist blogged that).

Blogger Relations, Two Tips

Okay, this one gets filed under no-brainer new media tactics, but I’m going to post something on it anyway.

Blogger Gives Publishers RSS

Blogger seems to have finally provided publishers with an RSS 2.0 feed.

Google Builds AdSense API

An application programming interface for AdSense will permit site publishers to offer users the opportunity to perform a variety of AdSense functions without leaving the publisher’s website.

Blogger Suggests Google Trends Pro Next

John Koetsier raised the prospect of Google’s Trends tool progressing from its very general utility to something more granular, namely something Google can sell to marketers.

Kazaa Sues Blogger Over Anonymous Comments

The parent company of the controversial filesharing service Kazaa has filed suit in a Canadian court against p2pnet.net over alleged libelous comments made in the blog’s comments section. The result of the lawsuit could have broad implications on the level of responsibility bloggers and forum hosts hold for third party (often anonymous) comments.

SAPPHIRE Blogger Corps

Attending SAPPHIRE as a credentialed blogger was not only a wonderful personal experience, but perhaps a watershed moment for how enterprises engage in social media.

Lawsuit Against Maine Blogger Dropped

Blogger Lance Dutson earned a victory against Warren Kremer Paino Advertising as the ad agency dropped its lawsuit against the web developer who criticized their business with the state of Maine.

No Compassion for Plagiarists

Nothing is sacred on the internet, not the words you write and publish in your blog nor the pictures you take and upload to Flickr.

Walking Around Web 2.0 With Itzle

An interesting take on Web 2.0, Itzle is weird, but creative. What’s an itzle? It’s a bookmarklet that puts users physically inside websites and allows them to chat with others itzling the same page.

Cabinet Minister Blogger Promoted in Reshuffle

Local elections took place in the UK yesterday and the governing Labour Party hasn’t done well at all.

Suing Bloggers is an Invitation for Bad PR

Late last week Warren Kremer Paino Advertising sued Maine blogger Lance Dutson for copyright infringement, defamation and trade libel and injurious falsehood.