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A-listers Feel the Heat

One of the top search marketing bloggers “Michael Grey” recently made a video cast telling new SEO bloggers to “step away from the keyboard.” Going on to rant on about if you can’t add something unique or different to the conversation then why bother. Well for one even if your blog doesn’t have a lot of subscribers it can be extremely valuable for your customers, yourself, and search engine rankings (Google loves fresh content and so should you).

What’s the Most Important Blog Marketing Secret?

This article is the first in a follow up series on a popular article I wrote last week making the case for the need to market your blog’s content and how I believe the reason good blogs often go unread is do to poor marketing.

Getting Links from A-List Bloggers

As in any community, there are the trend setters, the visionaries and the superstars. They’re the ones that are quoted, read and referenced most, the movers and shakers of their particular realm. Blogging is no different.

Finding Influence In Blog Marketing

The skeptic has always been quick to remind that popularity is not necessarily a measure of value. In a report detailing the most influential authorities on blog marketing, Onalytica, a UK-based analytics firm, illustrates that popularity is not always in line with influence, either.