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The Avengers 3D Movie Features Custom Glasses Modeled After Your Favorite Characters The Avengers 3D Movie Features Custom Glasses Modeled After Your Favorite Characters

After the trailer was unveiled earlier in 2011, The Avengers has been a long awaited title. The trailer broke several records, including being a most downloaded clip at iTunes. Within all the hype of the trailer and the forthcoming title, …

Will Netflix Survive in the Face of Increasing Competition? Will Netflix Survive in the Face of Increasing Competition?
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It was only a few months ago, when Netflix seemed nearly untouchable in its space you hardly heard anything negative from members about the experience the company was providing. Oh, how the times have changed and changed quickly. Netflix member? …

Blockbuster Movie Pass Sounds Great…If You’re a DISH Subscriber Blockbuster Movie Pass Sounds Great…If You’re a DISH Subscriber

Yesterday it was speculated that DISH Network and their recent acquisition Blockbuster would be launching a streaming service to rival Netflix. Today, they did launch a streaming service, but you can’t quite call it a rival to Netflix. During their …

Blockbuster Launching Netflix Rival Subscription Streaming Service? Blockbuster Launching Netflix Rival Subscription Streaming Service?
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It looks like Blockbuster might be jumping into the subscription streaming market, adding another player into a growing field that is getting more crowded by the minute. Of course Netflix is the biggest player when it comes to streaming video …

Netflix Price Hike Opens the Door for Blockbuster – According to Blockbuster Netflix Price Hike Opens the Door for Blockbuster – According to Blockbuster
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As the fallout continues from Netflix’s decision to split up its streaming and DVD services and charge more for DVDs, many are wondering if and how that anger will translate into losses for the company. Sure, people are outraged, that …

DISH Settles with TiVo, Forms Partnership to Promote Blockbuster Services DISH Settles with TiVo, Forms Partnership to Promote Blockbuster Services

DISH Network and parent company EchoStar have agreed to a half-billion dollar settlement with TiVo over litigation regarding DVR patents. A couple weeks ago, a federal appeals court decision ordering DISH and EchoStart to shut down DVRs due to their …

Dish Network Buys Blockbuster Dish Network Buys Blockbuster
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Dish Network has agreed to acquire the assets of Blockbuster, after winning a bankruptcy court auction for them. The price tag – $320 million. After closing adjustments, Dish expects to pay about $228 million in cash. The closing is expected …

White Spaces, Verizon Tiered Data Plans & Facebook Troubles

The FCC voted today on rules that will enable the use of TV white spaces to provide wireless broadband connectivity. Google and Microsoft both issued updates applauding the ruling. 

Blockbuster Adds Xbox, Playstation, Wii Games to Subscription Rental Service
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Blockbuster has announced that it’s adding games to its mail rental service. Customers now have access to over 3,000 titles for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii through the company’s mail subscriptions service.

Blockbuster says the move makes them the only entertainment company to offer rentals of games, movies, and TV shows for home delivery through a single subscription service.

Blockbuster Partners With T-Mobile On Movie Download Service
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Blockbuster is trying to make some gains in the mobile space by being the exclusive movie download service for T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC HD2 smartphone.

"Available exclusively from T-Mobile, the HTC HD2 is like putting Blockbuster in your pocket," said Kevin Lewis, senior vice president of digital entertainment at Blockbuster.

"T-Mobile and HTC have a long history of partnering to deliver innovative, cutting-edge products – and we’re glad to provide customers the latest way to enjoy entertainment from Blockbuster."

Blockbuster Gets Ready to Test Online Game Rental
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As Blockbuster.com continues its struggle to compete with the much more popular Netflix movie rental service, the company is starting an online video game rental offering to compliment its movie offering.

This was announced a while back, but today’s announcement puts a date to its launch – June 30. It will start in Cleveland, but is planned to go nationwide by the end of the year. The Cleveland pilot test will be open to all Blockbuster Total Access and Blockbuster By Mail subscribers.

Blockbuster May Have Busted Its Last Block

Mom-and-Pops might get to watch Blockbuster close up shop for a change. In a filing with the SEC, the movie rental company acknowledges it may not be able to secure a $250 million loan to continue operations.

Blockbuster, which operates 7,400 stores in 20 countries, had hoped to close next month on financing that would float them until 2010. Because of lender reluctance and the illiquidity facing the larger economy, however, the company may not be able to meet lenders’ terms. From the SEC filing summary:

Blockbuster To Offer Movies On TiVo

Blockbuster said today it would start offering movies and TV shows over TiVo’s DVRs.

Users will have access to about 10,000 movies and TV shows that can be purchased or rented on TiVo Series 2, Series 3 or HD series device. Films on Blockbuster’s OnDemand service will be available for $2 to $4 for rental and purchased movies start at around $10.

Blockbuster To Offer Content On More Devices
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Blockbuster has partnered with Sonic Solutions to offer Video on Demand on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices in an effort to stay competitive with Netflix.

The two companies are working with a number of consumer electronic manufacturers, including Sonic’s CinemaNow, to expand the ecosystem of interoperable devices offering the Blockbuster service.

The devices will include PCs, portable media players, Blu-ray Disc players, set-top boxes, mobile phones and Internet -connected television sets.

Blockbuster Launches New Set-Top Box
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Blockbuster is introducing its own set-top box, which will bring movies directly to a user’s TV and provide access to on demand content.

The MediaPoint digital media player by broadband device maker 2Wire is available to Blockbuster customers for $99 and includes 25 movies. After the initial 25 rentals, movies are available for $1.99 each to $3.99.

Netflix Outage Angers Customers
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Online DVD movie company Netflix said today it is experiencing its worst major outage in its history, preventing shipments of discs to around a third of its 8.4 million customers.

The company said it was unable to ship any DVDs on Tuesday, some on Wednesday and none so far on Thursday.

Carl Icahn’s History Of Shaking Up Companies

Is it just me, or does Carl Icahn shake-up the Board of Directors at every company he invests in?

News today suggests he’s hell-bent on replacing Yahoo’s board at the August 1st annual meeting.

Blockbuster Is Turning Profit

In the age of video on demand, advertisements touting that Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has rented over two billion movies, the pervasiveness of peer to peer (p2p) networks, and the general drum-beat of the demise of video rental, today’s earnings report from Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) is a shocker:

Is The Blockbuster-Circuit City Acquisition A Good Move?

The Wall Street Journal this morning is reporting that Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) is trying to buy beleaguered consumer electronics retailer Circuit City (NYSE: CC), which the market is not to thrilled about: Blockbuster stock dropped precipitously in early trading while Circuit City stock jumped up.

Blockbuster Has Strong Fourth Quarter
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Blockbuster reported fourth quarter net income of $41 million, or 18 cents a share for 2007. Compared with $11.2 million, or four cents a share the year before.

Not including charges, per share earnings increased to 26 cents from 11 cents. Revenue grew 3.6 percent to $1.57 billion. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial had expected earnings of 18 cents per share or revenue of $1.4 billion.

Apple Hops Into Movie Rental Market

Pretty much everyone knew that Apple intended to enter the movie rental market.  And now that it’s done so, well . . . perhaps the anticipation was better than Apple’s actual arrival.