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Web TV Vs. Traditional Television
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With YouTube as the second largest search engine on the Web, it’s apparent that Web TV is growing in value and usage. Although trends also show that the quality of the content has moved beyond the infamous silly cat videos, the quality of Web TV still has room for improvement. But, what should it look like?

Blip.tv Partners With YouTube, Roku
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Online video company blip.tv has announced distribution partnerships with YouTube, Vimeo, NBC Local Media New York and Roku, makers of the Roku digital video player.

The new partnership with YouTube allows shows creators to send content to YouTube. Blip.tv will also serve its own ads on shows syndicated on YouTube sharing revenue with creators after giving YouTube a slice of the ad profit.

YouTube Gets Some Company on the iPhone
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Blip.tv has announced that its hosted video clips can now be viewed on the iPhone through its Safari browser. Previously, YouTube was the only player that let users watch videos on both desktop browsers and the iPhone’s browser.

The technology team at blip.tv created this “magic” iPhone embed because Adobe’s Flash player is currently not available on the iPhone. Blip.tv explains that this technology allows show creators to use the same embedded player code to target desktop browers and the iPhone browser.  

Video View-Counting Standards Examined
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Content creators often decide where to place video clips based on an idea of how many views they’ll receive.  Yet new research shows that not all official view counts are created equal, and some of the most popular sites may be given to boasting.

Blip.tv Chosen By FYI To Host Shows

When Blip.tv showed up on For Your Imagination’s radar, it evidently looked like a rather appealing ally – the production company now intends to use Blip.tv as the primary host for its programming.

Blip.tv Says Response Better Than Censorship

Charles Hope of Blip.tv posted an email exchange he had with a site visitor who complained about some controversial videos hosted on the site.

Blip.tv Gives Glimpse Of TV Future

Blip.tv co-founder and COO Dina Kaplan has no shortage of energy. She’s a five-three or so bottle of Jolt Cola, shaken up and gushing forth about her company, which is proud to host the unboomed Amanda Congdon’s cross-country video tour, AmandaAcrossAmerica, (sponsored by AAA?).

Blip.tv Hooks up with CNN for Your Videos

Blip.tv was talked up all over the place by BlogHer videobloggers – it was the top recommended site for people to move videos off of YouTube onto.