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Best Blenders For Making Delicious Smoothies

Forget about buying the “best blender” on the market. According to Consumer Reports, there’s simply no such thing. If you’re looking for blenders for making delicious smoothies, you should instead think in terms of the “best blender for smoothies”. So what are the best blenders for getting a smooth, tasty, non-mulch-filled smoothie? These blenders are among the best on the …

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Juicers Not Going Away, Actually Grow More Popular

Juicers and blenders are becoming more and more popular as the weather warms up and the swimsuits lurk menacingly in the back of the drawer, awaiting their time in the sun. Those who are looking to take off what’s left of the winter weight, as well as those who are getting into “juicing” for the health benefits will be happy …

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