Blend Articles

Blending YouTube and Brand Awareness

Coke just unveiled a joint marketing effort with YouTube to expand its presence online. Perhaps Mentos opened Coke’s eyes to the potential of social media?

Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

Microsoft’s Blend: Why not Support Flash?

Adobe’s John Dowdell has the best question (and best set of links) about Microsoft’s new “Blend:” why do it and not support Flash?

Microsoft Is The Worlds Greatest SEO

If you’ve been watching http://blogs.msdn.com/ which is where most of the Microsoft employees blog, you’ve seen at least a dozen mentions today of Microsoft’s new “Blend.” I only let one of these through to my Link Blog, but I was just realizing how brilliant this is.

Authorities, Language, And Relational Databases

Why does Google sponsor spam and tell people to blend their AdSense ads, but try to control other link sales?

TypePad to Blend Social Networking, Blogs

Michael Arrington got the scoop on a big TypePad upgrade coming tomorrow called Comet that will blend blogging and social networking.

Blend Bullets and Benefits to Boost Buyers

One of the greatest tools used by top copywriters is a little known secret that can multiply your response ratio. It’s the use of bullets within your marketing copy. Bullets are captivating, short and sweet, intriguing, and pleasing to the eye. But most important, they reinforce the offer, deliver straight-to-the-point benefits, and are clustered for greater impact.