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‘Black Skinhead’ Performance Was Disastrous, Kanye West Gets Booed At Billboard Awards

Kanye West had the honor of wrapping up this year’s Billboard Music Awards Night with a spectacular performance. Well, it would’ve been spectacular if the audience could see him or if they could at least hear him. But alas, the “Black Jesus” singer spent most of his 5 minute set shrouded in smoke from the pyrotechnics. His song was also …

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Miley Cyrus Collaborates With Kanye West on Remix

Will we ever stop focusing on Miley Cyrus’s rather raunchy 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Performance? It seems there’s some breaking news that will help wash away the engrained images of the shocking performance that had fans-and friends utterly blown away. It seems that Kanyd West has recruited the young star to record a remix of, “Black Skinhead” on his …

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