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Black Hole Theory to Supplant Big Bang?

While the big bang theory seems simple enough – the universe exploded forth from a single point due to ever-increasing temperatures and extreme pressure and has been expanding ever since – it is anything but. Since the 1920s, the big bang theory has been the best scientific explanation for how our universe came into existence. With new scientific discoveries coming …

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Stephen Hawking: Event Horizon Likely Doesn’t Exist

Respected physicist Stephen Hawking has just dropped a major bombshell: There may be no such thing as black holes as we know them. This belief would be eagerly dismissed should it have come from anyone else, but when Hawking speaks out on the matter, it may open the door to a serious debate. Where does Hawking’s belief come from? In …

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Ultra Bright Black Hole Discovered

An ultraluminous black hole that exists in the neighboring Pinwheel Galaxy has been discovered by astronomers, which shines twice as bright as previously thought possible. The ultra-bright object, which exists in a system called ULX-1, that resides about 22 million light-years from Earth, may alter traditional thinking regarding how black holes radiate energy. Joel Bregman of the University of Michigan …

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