BitTorrent Articles

Opera Builds BitTorrent Into Browser

The popular high-speed file-sharing tool BitTorrent has been embedded into a test preview of the Opera browser.

Grokster Loses Supreme Court Battle

In a unanimous decision, the highest court in the land found that Grokster promoted its service as a means of infringing copyright.

Avalanche A Mere Pebble In The Pool

BitTorrent’s creator Bram Cohen says the Redmond-based software company is full of hot air.

Microsoft Aims Avalanche At BitTorrent

British researchers for the Redmond-based software and game console maker discussed the company’s work on a superfast peer to peer sharing system.

BitTorrent Too Tempting For Spyware Makers

Users of the superfast file sharing system have been finding hidden surprises on their computers.

AOL Beefing Up Its SingingFish

AOL is serious about its recently acquired audio and video search engine SingingFish. Timer Warner’s Internet baby has been very busy on the wheel-and-deal circuit, signing up with some big name A/V feeders.

Feds Use the Force Against BitTorrent

When “Star Wars Episode II: Revenge of the Sith” became available for download hours before the theatrical release, the Force departed from users of the increasingly popular BitTorrent technology. Federal agents have launched a Death Star styled offensive on file sharing website owners and users.

BitTorrent Search Engine Goes Live, Experiences Technical Difficulties

With BitTorrent becoming THE preferred method for peer-2-peer users, the idea of a search engine with an index of torrent files only can be quite appealing… unless you are apart of the entertainment establishment.

BitTorrent Search: A Bit Dodgy, a Bit Cool

Bram Cohen, the beekeeper of Internet swarms, directs his attention to widening the avenue of BitTorrent, his own revolutionary P2P protocol into an expressway of mass-transited file sharing. Within the next two weeks, Cohen plans to release a BitTorrent based search engine, cavorting with former Yahoo! strategist Ashwin Navin.

Denial and Television 2.0: The BitTorrent Effect

If you’re at all interested in copyright, the movie industry, BitTorrent, or Bram Cohen (its creator), I recommend reading The BitTorrent Effect from the January 2005 issue of Wired.