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IRS: Bitcoins Are Property And Absolutely Taxable

Good news and bad news has just come down the pipe courtesy of the IRS. The good news? Bitcoins have received a huge boost in terms of U.S. government recognition. The bad news? If you were hoping to invest in Bitcoins for the purpose of evading taxation…it’s a no-go. The IRS announced on Tuesday that they will treat the virtual …

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Bitcoin Creator Possibly Found. Anyone Care?

If anyone was anticipating a major furor over the creator of Bitcoins being discovered, they’re no doubt disappointed. As of now a Japanese American known by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to be the creator of the digital currency. He was reportedly found in Southern California where he presently resides. The man denied any and all involvement with the …

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Bitcoin Exchange Giant Vanishes; Is the End Near?

Bitcoin trader Kolin Burgress is not happy with Mt. Gox. The London-native hopped a plane and headed all the way to Tokyo, Japan to let the Bitcoin exchange giant know how he felt about losing $320,000 worth of the currency. “I may have lost all of my money,” said Burgess. He had been picketing the building since February 14th, demanding …

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Bitcoin Value Drops And Bounces Back

Bitcoin values dropped 20% in just 3 hours after the online drug enterprise, Silk Road was shut down and had its domain seized. Silk Road’s founder, Ross William Ulbricht was arrested on Tuesday and the site was seized by the FBI just hours later. Silk Road used Bitcoin as its only form of currency so it is easy to see …

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