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Report: Bill Gates Remains Tied To Search
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The latest Nielsen stats put Microsoft’s share of the search market at an unimpressive 11.9 percent.  What’s more (or to be accurate, less), its year-over-year growth is negative.  But Microsoft’s search team has an interesting ally in its corner, as it turns out Bill Gates may still be lending some sort of hand.

Yellow Pages Dying Off In Ten Years?

Yellow Pages Dinosaur

Some Guy By the Name of Bill Gates Retires
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William Henry Gates III (to some known as Bill) has retired from Microsoft as you probably well know by now.

Gates who will remain chairman, has left a huge mark on the technology world and the world in general, and has inspired many, many others to dream of just accomplishing a small fraction of what he has.

Bill Gates Talks Up Vista Sales
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To be fair, I think any one of us would be thrilled to move 140 million copies of something.  But Microsoft is held to a higher standard, and so Bill Gates’s positive comment about Vista sales is raising some eyebrows.

Bill Gates All About Independence Now

It’s a common negotiation tactic: go to the dealership, look at a car, and leave.  The dealership may drop the price when you come back, and if it doesn’t, there are other cars, anyway.  But according to Bill Gates, Microsoft isn’t pulling this stunt with Yahoo.

Bill Gates Okay With Ballmer’s Decisions
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Recounting the recent Microsoft-Yahoo stuff would be a waste of space; we all know what happened and who was involved.  One name rarely came up, though, and in case anyone was wondering what Bill Gates thought about the outcome, well . . . he doesn’t seem to have lost sleep over it.

Gates Zings Google On Applications
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Eric Schmidt and his fellow Googlers probably can’t wait for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to get the heck out of the business world and go on with his philanthropic works.

LinkedIN Gets New Homepage And Features
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Social networking site for professionals, LinkedIN has launched a new homepage, which includes a "Status" feature that allows users to share their activities with those in their network.

Microsoft Continues Yahoo Waiting Game

Despite widespread belief Microsoft would increase its unsolicited bid for Yahoo, the company continues to stand pat on a $31 per share offer.

Bill Gates Rocks Out with Slash at CES

Bill Gates talked about how this was his last CES keynote, and his last year at Microsoft.

Bill Gates Pours $390 Million Into Mexican Brewer

Bill Gates has invested $390 million dollars in Mexican brewer Femsa through his Cascade Investment Fund, according to the brewer.

Spam Worsens, Broadens As Computer Threat

The increasing volume of spam isn’t the only problem plaguing computer users, as varied threats make clicking the most innocent appearing link a potential attack vector.

Bill Gates on Innovation

Bill Gates met with some bloggers Tuesday, and Jonathan Snook decided to go at him with the age-old question about whether Microsoft is an innovator, or a bullying copycat.

Gates, Jobs, Dell Named Top IT Personalities
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Another “tops in tech” list has come out, and most of the names you’d expect to see are on it.  What’s surprising, though, is that no one closely connected to Google made the top three; instead, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell were voted the most influential IT personalities.

Bill Gates Yawns At Google Phone
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The chairman of Microsoft isn’t impressed with reports that Google will develop a cellphone that can compete with others in the market, like ones running Windows Mobile.

Microsoft Looks Into The Cloud

The favorite of Googlite war cry formats has been to pair up a Microsoft product with the word "killer": Windows-killer; Office-killer; [Insert product here]-killer. Google’s free, advertising-based software-as-a-service model is what has made Google, in theory at least, Microsoft’s most intense new challenger.

Jobs, Gates To Share A Stage

The D: All Things Digital conference taking place next week will bring together the two most iconic figures in US technology: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
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Technology will advance so far for local advertising that when voice and data truly combine on mobile phones, the usage of venerable yellow page directories to find businesses will be near zero for anyone under 50.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Hail To The Chief, President Gates

An idea floated by Dilbert cartoonist and frequent blogger Scott Adams that Bill Gates belongs in the White House in 2008 has been matched by a website dedicated to the idea, and arguments pro and con about the possibility of Microsoft’s founder and the world’s richest man occupying the Oval Office.

Bill Gates Says Were Back In A Bubble

Hmmm, Bill Gates is reported to have said “we’re back kind of in Internet-bubble era in terms of people thinking: OK, traffic. We want traffic. We want traffic. There are still some areas where it is unclear what’s going to come out of that.”

VON Asks Bill Gates What’s On His TV

Think you’d like to watch TV at Bill Gates’ house? No, you wouldn’t, according to Shari Barnett, Director of Media Services, Microsoft TV – unless you consider physics fun. During a morning session at VON, Barnett revealed Gates’ TV habits.