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Best Exercise Equipment To Manage Weight While Managing Pain

So the holidays ended, resolutions were made, and now the local gym you joined is counting on you to nix your newfound cardio routine. Perhaps the fervor to be fit fizzled out around the same time your vegan diet and juice detox did, or maybe it just… never happened at all. Now it’s February and that abdominal adipose inner tube …

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Elf Bike: Cross Between Car & Bicycle

Mark Stewart turns quite a few heads as he makes his way down the road on his neon green ELF bike, which very closely resembesFred Flinstone’s footmobile. “It reminds me of when I saw a Smart car the first time,” said Joanne Bury as she came out of her home to get a look at the vehicle. “This is incredible. …

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This Company 3D Prints Bicycles In Titanium

3D printing usually evokes images of plastic materials, but the truth is that any number of materials can be used in the rapid prototyping process. SLM, or selective laser melting, is one such method used to essentially 3D print items with metal. Now one bike company is embracing a similar, yet more sophisticated, technology. UK-based Charge Bikes recently shared via …

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Turn Your IPhone 4S into a GPS Bike Computer

Here is a cool new iPhone gadget for all you bikers out there. The Heart Rate Watch Company has released the iPhone 4S ultimate bike pack, turning your iPhone into a personal GPS bike computer. It gives you speed, distance, heart rate, and maps on a convenient bike mounted display. The device works with a blue tooth chest strap to …

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