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Ebola And Chocolate: Why Do Americans Care More About Sweets Than People?

On the surface Ebola and chocolate have nothing in common. One causes fear and death while the other brings both happiness and pleasure. However, the two are linked in ways the average American didn’t realize until now. Did you know that more than three quarters of the world’s cocoa is produced in West Africa? This happens to be the SAME …

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Duck Dynasty Star Delivers Anti-Gay Sermon in New Video

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson waded into the culture wars once again this week after video of his Easter sermon hit the web. The video, released on Thursday by TMZ, shows that the reality TV star is sticking by his anti-gay views despite criticism and a short suspension from his family’s hit show. According to TMZ, the video depicts Robertson’s …

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North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey”

Propaganda is usually more eloquent, combined with images of gallantry and false promises through meaningless slogans; a rhetoric that allows for no free thought or discussion – ‘you’re either with us or against us.’ North Korea spares no elegance when it tries to make a point, whether it’s a myriad of empty threats, execution by flamethrower, or bombardments from its …

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