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Being a Bigdaddy Jagger Meister

It took a little while to start to figure it out. Such things almost always do. After months of observation, research, discussion and debate, Search Engine Optimization experts appear to be getting a better handle on the effects of Google’s Bigdaddy infrastructure upgrades.

Bigdaddy Timeline, Courtesy of Matt Cutts

Sometime around January or February, a number of webmasters began to notice that Google had somehow “lost” huge portions of their websites.

Matt Cutts Teaches Us To Crawl
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The Google engineer followed up his WebmasterWorld PubCon Boston discussion of Google’s Bigdaddy infrastructure update and “crawl cache” with a lengthier look at the topic.

Matt Cutts On Bigdaddy, RK, And Emmy

The Google engineer who webmasters have learned to love and fear tackled a slew of questions posted to his blog recently. There are only four or five live Matt Cutts sightings in a given year…

Take a Few Cutts from Googles Matt

Matt Cutts was recently interviewed on WebmasterRadio.fm’s SEO Rockstars show with Oilman and Webguerrilla.