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Marijuana Legalization: Could It Create Big Tobacco 2.0?

Back in 2013, when former head of Microsoft corporate strategy Jamen Shivley announced that he was intent on developing an upscale medical marijuana retail concern that he dubbed “the Starbucks of marijuana”, heads turned. Shivley claimed this business as his birthright. The company he started is called Diego Pellicer (pronounced Pay-ee Sayer). Diego Pellicer was a real person. According to …

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Could Marijuana Interest “Big Tobacco” Companies?

With Colorado legalizing marijuana for recreational use, making it legal to grow up to six plants for an individual, other states are looking at getting on the weed wagon. Many already are, decriminalizing possession of smaller amounts of pot, as well as legalization for medical purposes. Sales in Colorado have been stellar, and the state is reaping the benefits, big …

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