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Bethenny Frankel Is Happy The Talk Show Didn’t Work Out

Bethenny Frankel announced around Valentine’s Day that her talk show had been cancelled, it was understood that she was sad to be moving on after just one season. It would have been a hard blow to anyone, but for a perfectionist like Frankel, the news seemed especially harsh. However, she recently said that the chance to take a break and …

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Bethenny Frankel Shares A Selfie Wearing No Make-Up

Bethenny Frankel is following in Kelly Ripa’s footsteps! Even though Ripa, who co-hosted Live! With Kelly and Michael wearing no make-up last Thursday, explained that her bare look was due to losing a Super Bowl bet, she may have actually started a new trend. Now, Frankel has jumped on the bandwagon as well, reports US Weekly. Although she didn’t lose any bets, she …

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Bethenny Frankel Blames Ellen for Talk Show Flop

Bethenny Frankel, the former New York housewife turned talk show host, is failing and flailing in her new line of work. The socialite blames none other than Ellen Degeneres, who in the beginning promised Frankel help in getting big name stars. Turns out, big name stars don’t want to sit and chat on T.V. with a snotty housewife. Here’s a …

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