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Microsoft IE 7 Beta – Have you Tested it Yet?

Just an FYI, developers and hackers have been messing around with the latest web browser now in Beta from Microsoft, IE 7.

Whats In The IE7 EULA? Plus, Be Warned

Ina Fried at News.com writes about the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview End User License Agreement and a few interesting things within.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview Out

The newest release of Microsoft’s web browser provides several new features that current users of IE should welcome.

A Quick Look at ESRI’s ArcWeb Explorer Beta

From ESRI… ArcWeb Explorer is a Web-based map viewing application based on Macromedia Flash 8.

Vista Beta 2 – April 12

Paul Thurrott reports that the second beta of Windows Vista is scheduled to drop on April 12.

Google AdWords Editor Inviting Users

The beta test for Google’s offline tool is invitation only at the moment, but the free management utility for Windows users should gain a large following when it goes public.

Wrickr Beta Launches

Wrickr has launched.

Google Updates

Two new items from the Google blog:

Sparkle Beta Released

I’ve just been nutty busy lately. I got my email down to zero by the time I left for home at about 9 p.m. (was at work at 8:30 a.m. so long day).

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview

Sometimes, you just gotta indulge me.

Yahoo! Acquires Webjay, Launches Yahoo! Music Blog

I know that Steve Rubel outed the Yahoo! Music Blog back when it was… in beta (yeah, that’s it!).

Skype 2.0 Out of Beta

Lots of interesting news about Skype and some of the things they’re announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. (Heads up for visiting the CES website: loud Flash intro page.)

Page Rank Engine Released In Beta

A new meta-search engine has been released in beta that searches Google, Yahoo, and MSN and organizes results by page rank. P.R.A.S.E. (Page Rank Assisted Search Engine) is designed to eliminate duplicate results and streamline the process of finding link partners when building for SEO.

Gmail Adds RSS ‘Web Clips’ to All Accounts

Gmail has added a mini RSS reader to all Gmail accounts. It was previously in a limited beta.

Squidoo Opens Public Beta

Squidoo is now open to the public in an open beta program.

AOL Mobile Search Drives Out Of Beta

After a few months of tweaking and pushing, the AOL Search team has given mobile search its license to query and sent it out on the road.

WordPress Leaves Beta

Aspiring bloggers can join the same blog service that hosts the legendary Scobleizer and sign up for a Wordpress blog without needing an invitation.

Windows Vista Beta 2 Slips To ’06

A release candidate will be sacrificed in order to keep the oft-delayed next-generation operating system on schedule for a late 2006 release.

Yahoo Samurai (beta)

If Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. screams at the ravaging intentions of the pirate Rakuten, Yahoo Japan Corp. may become the fair television company’s white knight. It’s so romantic!

Google Desktop 2 Sheds Beta Label

The search engine company’s information utility has become an official Google product, and goes out the door with a few enhancements to celebrate its post-beta status.

Sphere Makes Beta Test Available

The blog search engine from the people responsible for Oddpost handed out some keys to a limited beta test.