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Time To Get OneCare

Its April, and you know what that means.

shape2earth beta coming soon?

Tim Beerman over at his interactive earth blog has recently announced that shape2earth will be going out for beta testing shortly.

Paying Attention to Attention

As the number of inputs we allow into our lives increases, there’s a huge demand for tools that help us manage our attention.

New ecto for Windows looks good
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The first post with the second beta of the forthcoming ecto for Windows version 2 offline blog editor.

Burn Hot, Burn Fast – Skype’s PR Demise?

I like Skype. I like the woman that initially launched the service via PR, and she did an amazing job.

Newsgator Upgrades Outlook, Desktop, Online Clients

Newsgator is on a roll lately. They are working on a series of upgrades to their terrific online product.

Google Prompts MBD Speculation

What is MBD? Why is it in Google’s robots.txt file? Who reads Google’s robots.txt file enough to notice this? Where can you find the answer?

Yahoo! Your Town In The News

The newest beta from Yahoo News allows its multitude of users to select their cities and see a module of local headlines appear on the main Yahoo News page.

Yahoo UK Users Receive New Mail Beta
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The vaunted Yahoo Mail update has been rolled out to its UK users as part of a wider beta test of the service’s new functionality.

Google Desktop Leaves Beta

The latest version of Google Desktop Search (the one with the evil “your data on Google’s servers” feature, paranoid ass) has left beta.

Office 2007 Beta 1 Refreshed

Microsoft today released the refresh of Beta 1 of Office 2007 (could we just call it Beta 2 and feel better?).

AOL AIMs For Development Community

The Open AIM software development kit and support website moved into the public view Monday morning, and third-party developers have begun downloading the SDK to give it a try.

New FeedDemon Beta Released

Beta 2 of FeedDemon 2, the RSS aggregator for Windows, was released this week.

New Java Platform Beta Shines For Web Developers

Sun Microsystems announced the release of the Beta release of their new Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6). They called the effort Project Mustang. They’ve added some features and improved on others to improve developers’ Java experience.

Google Seeks Beta Employees

A job posting for technical solutions specialists via a temp agency could be a sign that Google is trying to rein in its employee expenses.

QumanaXP Public Beta Launched

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out the closed beta versions of QumanaXP, an offline blog editing tool that is available in versions for Windows and Mac platforms.

Windows Live Messenger Beta Refresh

Neowin reports on and has screenshots of the Windows Live Messenger beta refresh that features a different UI and new features.

Flex 2.0 Beta Open To Developers

Adobe Systems released their Flex 2.0 Beta to developers to play with last week. The aim is to improve the offerings for developers to generate rich Internet applications. This combined with the Flash Player 8.5 release, they say the products will allow businesses to engage users more effectively and increase productivity while delivering stronger business results.

Gmail For Domains Launched

As predicted, Google has announced Gmail for domains. For now, businesses can express interest in using Gmail for their .com email addresses, and Google will contact them back if they’ve been selected to participate in the beta test.

Beta View of What Start-ups Look like

Click on the image to see the slightly larger (and better in-focus) original on Flickr.

Riya Photo Search Soon In Public Beta

The photo search engine announced at the DEMO Conference on emerging technologies that the public phase of its beta test will begin in this calendar quarter.