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AdWords Editor Beta Opens To All

Google continues an active week of product releases and updates by making its AdWords Editor available to anyone who wants to download a copy.

ImageMapper 10-AJAX Beta Program

An item of interest in my mailbox this AM via way of the html image mapper people…

Microsoft Says Vista Is On Schedule For Release

After delaying the release several times, Microsoft now assures the world that Vista will meet its slated launch date of January 2007. Vista represents the first major overhaul in five years for the venerable Windows operating system. Windows is used on about 90 percent of the world’s computers, and its sales account for about one-third of Microsoft’s total revenue.

Vista System Requirements, Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft has announced the base minimum system requirements to run Windows Vista.

Microsoft Student Beta Experience

Are you a student? Want to get your hands on Windows Vista, Office 2007, and other Microsoft betas?

Office 2007 Beta: Later This Month

Jensen Harris drops the confirmation: Beta 2 (the public beta) of Office 2007 will hit later this month, joining the Windows Vista Beta 2, which is expected on May 22.

VoIP Choices Ringing Off The Hook

Skype, Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, Lycos, all of those companies have or will have options for doing phone calls from the computer; at stake is the biggest prize of all – keeping a person using a given provider’s other services.

Federated Media Unveils Ad Planning Tool

Author John Battelle announced the beta version of Federated Media’s advertising platform to enable ad clients to create their campaigns for FM’s network of high-quality blogs.

Cool New Features in Skype Beta

Skype launched a new beta (version today of its software for Windows that has some pretty neat new features.

Skype Releases New Beta And Skypecasts

Version 2.5 Beta of the Skype VoIP software arrived with new features, and Skype also launched a preview version of Skypecasts that allows up to 100 people to connect in a voice chat.

MSFT Beta Testing Too Hard?

Rob La Gesse wrote me a very constructive email today about how difficult beta testing Microsoft’s products is. Instead of emailing it around I asked him “could you blog it?”

Windows OneCare: Free Perpetual Beta

Time is running out; just four days left to snag a year of Microsoft’s excellent Windows Live OneCare security software for just twenty bucks.

IE7: Good for Users, Good for Developers

Like quite a few people, I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 that Microsoft released as part of broadening out their beta testing programme of the new browser version to as wide an audience as possible. I like it and, compared to the earlier beta, it seems pretty stable.

Buzzy Blog Engine Beta Delayed

The long-awaited blog search engine Sphere was delayed from its scheduled public beta launch citing a demand heavier than anticipated.

IE 7 Beta 2 Out

Fun party last night with the Internet Explorer team.

IE 7 Beta 2, Take Three, Action!

The third beta version of Internet Explorer 7 became available for download as a true beta release instead of just a preview release, or an update to the preview release.

New Windows Vista Build: 5365

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Vista. Here’s some stuff:

Opera 9 Browser Enters Public Beta

The Oslo-based software company moved version 9 of its freely available browser into public beta after receiving feedback on its two prior technology preview releases of Opera 9.

Software Testing and Talking

I’ve spent a bit of time this weekend with software and servers.

Google Related Links With Ads

This didn’t take too long: As Google Blogoscoped shows, one blogger has already figured out how to combine Google Related Links with advertising, simply by putting the Links box on top of an AdSense ad.

Yahoo Launches New Stock Forums with RSS

Do you like to keep track of message boards for a particular stock? I admit, I still keep an eye on what’s being said about a certain company from my past. ;-)