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Best Blenders For Making Delicious Smoothies

Forget about buying the “best blender” on the market. According to Consumer Reports, there’s simply no such thing. If you’re looking for blenders for making delicious smoothies, you should instead think in terms of the “best blender for smoothies”. So what are the best blenders for getting a smooth, tasty, non-mulch-filled smoothie? These blenders are among the best on the …

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Joe Flacco Blasted For Saying He’s “Best QB” In NFL

There’s a lot of ego floating around in the NFL, and for good reason; athletes get paid millions of dollars for skills most of us commoners only dream of having, and they get the big contracts because they perform consistently (well, for the most part). But sometimes that ego overshadows a person’s capability, and some wonder if that’s not what …

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