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Lara Logan Returns to Work at ’60 Minutes’

Lara Logan is back to work on 60 Minutes after being forced to take a leave of absence in November 2013. Logan received the suspension after her report about the controversial events that occurred in Benghazi aired. The news reporter relied heavily on the account of Dylan Davies, a security contractor who said he was at the scene of the …

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Greta Van Susteren Criticizes Jon Stewart After Benghazi Coverage

Commentator and TV show host Greta Van Susteren is criticizing Jon Stewart after his recent comment on Fox’s Benghazi Coverage. On The Daily Show which aired Monday night, Stewart mocked Fox for covering Benghazi, wondering why the network did not express the same outrage over Iraq War during the Bush administration. After that, Stewart stated his own opinions on the failures that …

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Jay Carney Battles With Reporter On Benghazi Emails

Jay Carney tried to hold his ground for eight full minutes after being confronted by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on the implications of newly released emails. These emails containined specific instruction on how to handle the Benghazi attack report. He insinuated that the strategy of such emails and story-weaving was to protect Obama, as the country was only weeks away …

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Sarah Palin Uses Dr. Suess to Knock Obama

Sarah Palin knocked President Obama and his healthcare plan during her appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. She channeled the children’s author, taking a heft dose of literary liberty with his famous rhyming words. “I do not like this Uncle Sam. I do not like his healthcare scam,” Palin said. “I do not like these dirty crooks …

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Lara Logan Apologizes for Flawed Report on Benghazi

Lara Logan made an apology on behalf of CBS for the erroneous report on the Benghazi attacks last year. The report raised questions about the Obama administration’s response to the attacks on the Libya compound, casting doubt on whether the administration sent all possible help to try to save Stevens and his colleagues, according to CNN. The story was then …

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Senator Ted Cruz on Obama, Syria and Benghazi

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz discussed his take on the U.S.’s handling of Syria and Benghazi. The Republican Texas senator said that President Obama doesn’t have the “authority” to issue an attack on Syria and says such an attack would be a “mistake.” Cruz also said that an attack “would be contrary to the …

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