Nearly 20% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Arrive

Nearly 20% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Arrive

By Mike Sachoff February 4, 2010 | 6 Comments

Nearly twenty percent (19.9%) of commercial, permissioned emails never reached consumers inboxes in the United States and Canada in the second half of 2009, according to a new report from Return Path.

Net Neutrality Foes To Merge

Outspoken advocates of a two-tiered Internet will soon share a single corporate structure as AT&T will shell out $67 billion to acquire BellSouth.

Blogger Calls For Pre-emptive Strike On BS

BS is an abbreviation for BellSouth, whose chief technical officer Bill Smith told the media his firm has taken the call for multi-tiered Internet connectivity to the big Internet players; Jeff Pulver suggests the online powers-that-be hit BellSouth first, but it won’t happen for one simple reason: money.

Google To BellSouth: Nuts!

The search advertising company is not talking to telecom companies about paying them extra for bandwidth, and has no intention of paying for tiering their traffic.

BellSouth To Nickel-And-Dime iTunes

The telecom company has begun conversations with several unnamed Internet content providers on charging for delivering their content “reliably and speedily.”

BellSouth Punishes New Orleans Over Free WiFi

When officials for the hurricane ravaged city announced a plan to deploy wireless Internet across New Orleans, BellSouth rescinded a donation offer to the city in response.

Bellsouth and Yahoo Riding Broadband Express

The broadband express is running from Atlanta to Sunnyvale via the internet railroad in a new strategic alliance announced on Monday. The plan will co-brand the two companies and allow the Yahoo train to run on Bellsouth DSL rails and give Bellsouth users the option to have the Yahoo platform to provide their service.

BellSouth Rolling Out WiMax In R.E.M.’s Backyard

A test of wireless broadband in select areas of Athens, Georgia, will begin in August, and later extend to Florida.

Bellsouth DSL Goes To 6.0

Bellsouth announced today plans to take their DSL services up another notch to 6 Mbps. Broadband users with cable companies like Comcast or Adelphia already had 6.0 Mbps access but this marks the first of the major phone companies to offer the service.

Google AdWords To Provide Local Ads For BellSouth

RealPages.com from BellSouth the Southeast’s leading online yellow pages and Google Inc., developer of the award-winning Google search engine, today announced an agreement whereby RealPages.com will become the first yellow pages publisher authorized to sell advertising through Google AdWords to small and medium-sized local businesses.

BellSouth Announces Google Enhancements

BellSouth, which serves local, long distance, Internet and wireless customers in the United States, has announced that their portal page will now feature Google-powered searches. In addition to search capabilities, Google will also make targeted advertisements through its AdSense/AdWords program available to BellSouth users.

SonicWall Firewall Provides Content Filtering for Networks
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Recently, I was asked to help a school install Internet access for the classroom Macs. They already had an Ethernet network installed. I recommended DirecTVDSL (formerly Telocity) as the provider and ordered their DSL service. One advantage of their service over some cable and DSL providers is the provision of a fixed IP address. So if the school wanted to host their own website, it would be possible. Service was connected in less than 2 weeks. [Update: In December 2002 DirecTV DSL announced they would cease operations, at this time Bellsouth looks like the preferred replacement vendor].